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Hi there! I have to post a picture of Kai (Pharoah's brother) soon. It is so funny, as clear and white as Pharoah's white parts are, Kai is completely spotty with ticking and mottling. His stomach is predominately dark spots. It is actually pretty cute - my daughter says he looks like ranch dressing.

His sister, Willow, is the opposite - clear, clear white with no freckles at all. The female that the breeder kept is spotty like Kai. I guess you never know how it is going to turn out, since when we got them, there was no freckling at all (although Kai did have a little ticking).

Kai and Pharaoh do look alike, besides the spots - they all held on to those wrinkles really well. How much does he weigh now? Kai is a beefy 23 pounds (that was 3 weeks ago). Willow was only 17.2 at the same weigh-in. The breeder was a little surprised by how big Kai is, but he isn't overweight. Her female is still small like Willow. She said she really strives for gender differentiation and she certainly has achieved it - not only do they look completely male and female, Kai carries himself much more like a "hound dawg" than I would expect from a basenji - he tends to sit in a slumpy fashion and flop down when he lays down. Willow is the opposite - completely fastidious and dainty. We are in Santa Fe, NM at the moment, and Kai is covered in pi?on sap and dust and having a ball eating live cicadas. Willow is pristine.

How is everything else going? I love these puppies. They are asleep right now with my daughters. When my girls get up in the early morning, the dogs jump in bed with my husband and me. I wake them up at 11:00 pm for a potty break and they sigh and trudge along unwillingly, desperate to get back to their girls.

I'll try to get a picture of Kai (and Willow) up soon so you can see Pharoah's brother and sister….

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Willow got spayed last Friday and on Saturday when I picked her up, her stool was pretty runny. I chalked it up to stress. By Monday, it was pure liquid and mucous. Her brother, Kai, also started down the diarrhea path on Sunday, so it seemed pretty clear that it was more than just an emotional thing.

I was figuring giardia, as was the vet. She started both on flagyl presumptively and sent the stool samples off yesterday. Today I took Willow for her recheck after the spay and it turns out they have coccidia.

Since I am an infectious disease epidemiologist, I kept turning this over and over in my mind. Then it struck me - a couple of weeks ago we were at my dad's house. He has an amazing 3.5-acre yard that is totally fenced in and we took the dogs to run their little curly tails off. The only drawback is that in his neighborhood, several years back, someone must have released a pair of peas, because now the place is infested with them. They particularly love dad's house. They are beautiful, but peas mean lots and lots of pea**** poop.

I had no idea pea**** poop was such a delicacy among our discriminating hounds. I couldn't keep them out of it, as it is all over the yard. Anyway, that is my guess as to the source of the coccidia. What do you guys think?

Does anyone have any advice for how to stop the poop eating? I have read about goose poop also being high on the list of culinary favorites. (BTW, has anyone's B gotten sick after eating goose poop?)

At home, they really do have "drop it" and "leave it" down, but there it was like it was a challenge to eat as much poop as possible and run away to find more, getting increasingly frantic as I tried to make them stop.

This will bum me out to lose such an amazing space for them to play, but I cannot imagine how to clean up pea**** poop on a huge lot like that. Any ideas are welcome.

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I had a hard evening. I took Kai to his training class (my husband took him last time) and he was very aggressive with every dog in there. This is the first time I have seen him act like this.

He did have a long day, so I don't know if this explains it. I have him and his sister (littermate) in "puppy playschool," where they go and play with other dogs all day long. This is their 5th time going. When I picked them up at 5 pm, I was told that they were "tag teaming" the other dogs, as well as being very insistent that they go through any door or gate before the other dogs (or they would get snarly).

I also didn't feed him before taking him to class, so he was probably starving. In retrospect, I probably should have given him a small meal.

Also, yesterday, I took them both to the dog park and some rather big terrier mixes from the same family kept circling them and barking in their faces. It got them both really nervous and snarly before I could get them out of there.

They are just turning 5 months old.

So, suggestions? Help? Pep talks? Anything is appreciated. I have been working so hard on socializing them and this is pretty traumatic. (Puppy play school was actually my Mother's Day gift, by my request.) Willow gets spayed next Friday, just as point of information.

Should I take them to the dog park solo? Again, just searching for answers or suggestions for something to try. Thanks in advance.

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I totally missed this! Willow and Kai would love to hang out with some of their own kind. They think barking is weird.

How many basenjis came last week?

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What other breeds do this?!? I thought it was a myth until I saw it happen soon after my puppies got home. What the heck kind of instinct is this in our "primitive" breed? For being such an ancient dog, they sure know their way around modern life…

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I'm back, looking for more advice…

My 16-week-old puppies are adapting to their crates, but still go through freak-out episodes occasionally, where they bite their crates (wire mesh types).

I noticed today when I was looking at their permanent teeth that are coming in along the front that some of their baby teeth seem chipped or broken (the longer canines and ones on the bottom). Not badly, but just a little uneven. Could this be from their crate antics? I am tempted to rub some Bitter Apple on the wires so that they will stop biting the crates. I keep thinking of Oakley's mom writing that he chipped several teeth before he made friends with his crate. However, the Bitter Apple seems like it would be upsetting to them on their crates if it is something that they can smell.

Any input is welcome. I should say that I recorded them today when I left the house for 20 minutes. By 2.5 minutes they were quiet, with only little episodes of whining now and then. They started up again when they heard me opening our front gate. Tomorrow I am going to see what happens when I take one on a walk, leaving the other here (which I end up doing when I have the time for sequential walks, as walking them together is still a nightmare at times).

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Oh, I am clearly insane to be doing this! However, right now, each puppy is fast asleep with his or her girl, and life is good.

Whenever I think I should run away, I focus on my vision of life in a year (or two or three), when everyone is mature and follows all rules and is perfect to the point that I will be sitting around, eating bonbons and laughing at all of the people silly enough to raise their kids and dogs one at a time. (Okay, it's a flawed vision, but it keeps me going…)

Thanks for the book recommendation - I'll get it.

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I just need a pep talk. My mother-in-law just left after being here for 2 weeks (!). During that time, my husband and I had to travel for business twice, gone for 2 nights each time. I know it is a lot to ask for her to watch 2 puppies (15 weeks) and 6-year-old twins and I am mostly grateful that she kept them all alive and healthy. But, still…

Before she came, I really wanted things to be easy, so we tripled our housebreaking efforts. We got the puppies to go in a specific spot by building an ex-pen in our courtyard, complete with mulch and some grass - my husband even landscaped it a little. We were thrilled that the puppies were learning to use the bells. It was all fabulous. They were getting to where they were happy in their crates, too, or at least not vocal about their sadness about being crated.

Apparently, MIL left them out of crates and just left the door open for them to go in and out. We have lost a great deal of progress - they hate their crates again and don't like their potty area anymore, so back to peeing on our patio tiles.

Like I said, I just need a pep talk. I am going to buckle down and go back to basics. They also started teething, which doesn't help, I'm sure. Like I said, I'm thankful that MIL dealt with it at all. We will get back to how it was, right?

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I was also told the same thing that Pat said about Franie - their tails will be a little looser while they are teething. With Kai, it is much looser than it was. Willow still has a little donut sitting up there. Their poor mouths look really painful at the moment (they are almost 17 weeks). My tail would be straight if I were them.

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Oh! That may explain something - my 16-week-old girl, Willow, has been really good with all dogs, even on leash. Today we ran into this Shih Tzu who was nonstop barking in her face. After about 30 seconds, she snapped at him. Again, this is only the second time - first growl was a couple weeks ago at a barking ****er. All other encounters with dogs and people have been great, even when she is approached on-leash.

I can't say I blame her - that dog (and owner) is annoying. Unless anyone has specific concerns about this behavior, I think I'll keep her away from barkers. Any other suggestions? I'm definitely getting Control Unleashed.

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