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Hi all - I just spent 45 minutes reading through the posts that had to do with "peeing in crate," but none really described my situation. I have found amazing help here so far, so coming to you again (can't wait until I can start giving back words of experience and wisdom).

My 13-week-old boy is peeing in his crate. The odd thing is that he seems to prefer to pee there. We are trying everything - long walks, sitting outside with him, keeping him leashed inside, excellent praise/clicks/ treats for outside, etc. However, he can hold it forever! When hours have gone by and we need to get something done, like take a shower, we crate him for 15 minutes and he pees in the crate. Yesterday, we were outside for 2 hours at the arboretum and nothing - until we put him in the crate in the car.

Any suggestions? His sister is doing great with it. I've contacted the breeder for advice, too.

More info- we work from home, so he is not crated much during the day - an hour here and there max. We have been getting up before them to let them out and my husband says he pees when he hears my husband coming. None of this is frantic or anxious, either.

Love to hear any ideas. Thanks so much.,,

Are you feeding him in his crate? That may prevent him from peeing in there. (nobody wants to pee and eat in the same spot)

Yes, we are feeding in the crates. Weirdly, these puppies eat, then immediately curl up and sleep for 30 mins. I remember a much quicker cause and effect food/potty relationship with other dogs I have had.


Are you feeding him in his crate? That may prevent him from peeing in there. (nobody wants to pee and eat in the same spot)

Not sure why, but Kipawa sometimes pees in his crate after eating. Because it is inconsistent, I am at a loss to figure out why. He has usually relieved himself outside before I try this. The only thing I have concluded is that Kipawa just doesn't really like the crate, and once he has enjoyed the eating, the anxiety of the crate kicks in and he lets loose. We're working on having him accept the crate more, but the progress is slow.

Just wondering… Do you immediately take him out when you notices he peed to clean it out ( and I figure your home so you almost always notice quickly)? If so, he may see peeing in his crate with being let out of his crate....perhaps put him into the other crate while you clean it so the chances are slimmer he will go again but also for him to realize peeing doesn't get him out of crate time... Just a thought

Put your thinking cap on and figure out how he is being reinforced for this behaviour, because it is likely that he is. It sounds almost as if he has inadvertently been "trained" to do this! (I had a friend with an outdoor cat that had learned to use kitty litter before being allowed out. He used to meow to get back into the house so he could use the litter!)

When the two were with the breeder, were they in the same crate by chance?

No, Pat - she had them separated for at least 2.5 weeks (maybe longer).

I don't take him out immediately when I see he has peed, because often he is sleeping - I put him in his crate and don't watch him, but go about my business or leave the house for a short time, then when I return, he has peed. Or, he does it when one of us comes down to let him out in the morning or in the middle of the night.

I think I was wrong with what I said before about it being a longer time after feeding that he pees (or maybe it is just sometimes) - tonight, I fed him in his crate with no bedding, so I could observe what happened. Sure enough, 3 minutes after eating, he pees. I did remove him, mop it up, put in clean bedding, then put him back in, where he curled up and went to sleep. Should I consider feeding him out of his crate for now?

ANY suggestions are really welcome. His sister is doing great with housebreaking. They are both incredibly easy to train on everything else - 5 minutes with a clicker today and they run and jump in their beds at the command "place." I don't notice any of the littermate codependence stuff - being very vigilant. We can separate them with no problem - walk them separately, train them separately (and together). They like to be with us as much or more as with each other. This housebreaking thing is my biggest anxiety right now.

Keep any suggestions/advice coming… Please. Thanks in advance.

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