Pee squatting

Re: Do your male basenjis squat to pee?
Our Basenji mix, Bailey, squat peed until he was almost 2 yrs old. Now he lifts his leg to mark and squats or stretches mostly to pee.
Recently, we were at a dog park and he lifted his leg to mark a fence. He has no pee left, so with his leg lifted he pooed instead. It was hilarious!

Our boy stretched to pee except on walks he would lift his leg. He was with us 16 years.

My Basenji mix has always squatted or stretched to pee. I think I saw him first lift his leg at 2 and it was to mark a telephone pole. Now he will lift his leg every once in awhile but that’s it!

My male, Valentino, stretches or lifts his leg depending on either how he feels or what he is aiming for. I had a female, Ella the alpha bitch extraordinaire, who lifted her leg to pee. She was a bit of a showoff.

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