• Hi everyone,

    my pup is almost 3 month, we have it now for 2 weeks and at night she is in a crate and shes crying. Day time and night time, but worst on day time

    So my question is, they can cry like that until what age ? I was told 3 days and it will be fine if you ignored her, but after 2 weeks im still waiting for this to happen. Then i had someone who told me a month so im not sure. Maybe im there is something im not doing right

    Shes crying 15 - 20 min at night then shes ok for all night but she hate so much her crate that she pee and sleep in it.

    *- Before someone ask me why i'm using a crate, the answer is: im using one until i will trust her enough not to pee everywhere and chew anything she find. So until then crate and im not ready to try something else

    This is what id do:

    • I never let her out the crate when shes crying, im waiting at least 5 straight minute then i let her out
    • Im trying to let her go inside by herself but its almost impossible so i put her inside and give her treat and some bone to chew
    • i never let her more than 3 hours at the exception of the night

    Thank you

  • Try a warm water bottle or a clock that ticks. Where did you get her from? Have you talked to your breeder about it? Crate training is very useful so keep it up! It almost sounds a little like separation anxiety.

  • Crate training is a very useful thing so don't give up.Give meals in her crate, we also had a snuggle safe to keep ours warm, breeder had already introduced our boy to the crate so he was really good so maybe your girl wasn't so it's harder for her, less to drink at night and outside to pee the latest you can. Otherwise sounds like you are doing the right things, but I wouldn't wait 5 minutes of no crying before I let her out that seems quite a while I used to wait till mine was quiet and calm and then he was allowed out. Good luck.

    Jolanda and Kaiser

  • Alright thx for the info, i will try these trick starting tomorrow.
    I did talk to the breeder, i actually have her on Facebook, shes very nice but it's not the same because her all the baby were sleeping together. So like you said, probably only separation anxiety.

    I'll try to warm bottle as well seem like a good idea !

    Thank you guys for these tricks, i really appreciate

  • Where is her crate at night? Puppies don't like to be alone, so if the crate is close to your bed that would be better. If you find she is restless, you can get up and take her out. This may help with the peeing. Last time I had a puppy (and that was a few years ago) she was housebroken very quickly because the crate was right beside me at night and I took her out when needed. Within a couple of weeks she was sleeping with me in my bed, and I continued to take her out when necessary. I had very few accidents with that girl! And is there any chance she is cold? Basenjis like to be warm, and as you say she has been used to sleeping with other puppies. The warm water bottle will help, but overnight it will cool off.

  • Honestly, sounds to me like too much crate time… which is now making her hate the crate.... I alway tell my puppy people, you have to decided which, if you have to crate during the day then at night they need to be with you, including sleeping. If they can have a safe place, not crated during the day when you are working (if you do work) and access to a litter box (to potty) or outdoors, then crating at night. I also would not wait 5 minutes after a crying jag... too long (IMO)
    When you are home they want to be with you, they don't want to be in the crate. So you need to be more aware of watching them and getting them outside to potty or watching them and what they might be chewing

  • I hear D.A.P works well with "puppies". Never tried it myself with one though.

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