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    Otis ' crate is 30"x21"x24" he also fit s roomy in it, mind you he is only 5 months old, but large at 20+ lbs.

  • We are looking at a 20 x20x28 stainless steel kennel by edemco ($140)as HAnsel has eaten the vari kennel and the travel air kennels we have. i think he would break all his teeth on a wire kennel, maybe not. Unless someone has a better idea! Suggestions???? 🙂

  • @Basenjimamma:

    We use an all wire kennel 24"H x 30" L for Otis at home and he seems to love it and there is room for him to grow. In the car we have a slightly smaller plastic varikennel and he does not love it, but safety is more important than Otis' thoughts on that kennel…


    We use special safety harness in the car.
    something like this http://www.uzlatehoretrivra.cz/detail/greendog-bezpecnostni-postroj-do-auta/2700/152/

  • does that web site come in english? that looks very interesting. but i cant read it. thanks!

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    Jonny B, as far as the crate you were thinking about getting, it sounds like what we have for Otis, as far as it being all metal. Could you maybe spray the bars with no-bite, tea tree oil or something that will deter him from biting on it..so his teeth won't get hurt. Of course I would spray while he is not in it so he doesn't get soaked.
    I will check into a car seat type harness, I think he would like taht better, thanks for the idea Medik.

  • http://www.greendog.cz/en/
    I have found this english page.
    Our dog like traveling with this harness. I think it is safety for him and for us.

  • If chewing on the metal bars is a concern, I would spend a little more and get a Kennel Aire professional series. The wire is in 1 inch squaresso they can't really get their snout/teeth around them. I have 2 of them…the pup can still get her nose & teeth thru, but neither adult can. I have a Commander (which they don't make anymore) and the professional and the only difference is the latch...and they seem to be the most secure crates I own. Eventually all my crates will be switched over to them and I'll donate my others to a shelter.

  • I have sprayed and sprayed with bitter bite. doesnt faze him. he just goes crazy and squeals and paws and claws at it. he is always quiet when we get home, but i am going back to school in august ( i teach) and he will have to have some solution we can both live with for 8 hours a day…. i will search the kennel aire. thanks!

  • i looked up kennel aire and that is like one he chewed a hole big enough to get his head out of…. do you think i was looking at the wrong one. do you have a picture or a web site? thanks so much.

  • MY BAD. i was looking at the plastic , not the wire. there are no prices on them…

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