• Hey everyone, I would like to get some input from all of you. We are switching Trixies crate to a bigger one and I wanted to get some ideas on how to make this transition easier on her. Change really seems to freak her out but the current one she is using is getting small and she is in it during the day while we are at work. (Don't quite trust her yet with no supervision) We do have a bigger crate and I want to switch her into it but I don't want to totally stress her out. Any input would be appreciated.

  • I don't know if this will help if you already have the bigger crate, but our wire crates came with dividers. You can then gradually give them more space.

  • No I am the dummy that bought her from a pet store (would'nt trade her for the world) but we received the crate from the pet store. We have a bigger crate because we have a bigger dog that never uses it so I wanted to switch her. I guess we will just have to give it a try and see how she does. Don't get me wrong she can still move around in her smaller one but I just wanted to give her more room. If it stresses her out to much I will just put her back in the smaller one.

  • Just put things that have familiar smells to her in the crate. Try using the crate when you're home without closing the door at first. Give her some treats in there or maybe even a nice rawhide in there. Put cool toys in there a comfy bed. I would even try putting one of your t-shirts in there so she can feel at ease with the new crate.

    If she's shown anxiety over change before do this gradually over a period of like a month or so depending on how she progresses.

  • Thanks, that is a good idea. She has a comfy bed and lots of blankets. Althogh as I have said before when she gets out of the crate everything has to come out with her. I will try setting everything up in the big crate and leave the door open. Thanks!!

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