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@tanza I haven't been running in awhile but I normally top out at three miles. I definitely won't try to run my basenji this far though. I was thinking about starting at a mile. I haven't talked to her breeder yet.

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I have an 8 month old basenji that loves taking walks. Lately she has been trying to run on leash. Is she old enough to start running with me? I have read a lot of forums that differ in age requirements for running. If she is old enough, what is a safe distance that won't put too much strain on her joints/growth plates?

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I have a six month old basenji that seems smaller (not as thick) than the pictures I have seen of other basenjis at this age. I feed her one cup of food in the morning and one cup at night. I'm just curious to know if others have had petite basenjis as well.