Crate Question

Hi all,

As ive never crate trained before , ive been doing my research and would like your opinion on the crates available and which one you think would be better.

Ive attached pics, I do like the soft dog crate better than the wire one, however if the wire one is better that is what i will go for.

Thankyou in advance

Wire or hard plastic definitely! I have both. The fold-up wire ones are nice if you want to travel with it. The soft one will get destroyed within a very short period of time. I got a soft one for travelling once and it lasted about 1 day! Nemo dug into the canvas in one spot and in a short time wore it away and could have easily escaped out of it after that given more time.

Your soft one will be chewed through in no time. Some b's have even chewed through the heavy airline crates…so stronger is better with a crate.

Wire is best..

thanks heaps, now that i think about it wire would be best, i agree it would probably only last a day

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