• so, congo the amazing escape artist/superdog got a new crate last night. i left him along for an hour today, and by the time i got home he managed to escape the crate and had his blanket literally twisted around his paw cutting the circulation off. wth???!! he ate holes in his blanket and i have no idea how he got it so wrapped around his paw. thankfully i arrived home in time and he was just very upset and sore. i had to cut the blanket off of him. i checked him over and made sure nothing was broken, and it just looked a little swollen and sore. he didn't put any weight on it at first but after a few hours (and a dog aspirin) he seems to be feeling better. ugh! he managed to bend the metal bars in the cage and actually broke one trying to get out. they're not very bendable! i tried bending them myself and couldn't. i don't want him hurting himself. is there any crates you suggest? like what brands are better quality than the others. would i be better off buying a heavy duty crate?? 😕

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