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thanks im finding it very informative

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I have a small travel type crate that I put Noel in while we are away from home and at night. she is 14 weeks. She is really getting to big for this. What types of crates do you keep your B's in? I am looking at a medium size cage type kennel. 30L x 19W x 21H inches
I want to be sure she has plenty of room to lay down in it. What is your advice?

i got a crate big enough 4 a large dog. like a lab or something simular. I had 2 get the travel crate because in a wire crate she would pull things into the crate and eat it. comforters rugs you name it. She even ate her bed. fluff everywhere.

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I work in retail I am in customer service and i have learned that the ones you by that are 19.99 are not as good as the more expensive ones. Everyone brings them back, they say they arent as good as they thought. There arent the slots for the nails either. My sister ordered on online and she loves it. It has the different settings for the different nail sizes. the cheap ones dont. I dont recommend them.

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I want to thank you for the information I have learned just by reading your posts. Now I know Im not alone in some of the behaviors. Dont get me wrong I love her to death, I've learned I cant treat her like a normal dog. If I dont lock the screen door she jumps up and hits the handle with her paw and out she goes. She gets into the cubbard where her treats are. I had to move them. The only time she makes a sounds is when she hears something outside or in the middle of the night. She will jump on me and wont leave me alone until i get up. I like that. I feel safer to know that no one can sneak around. She lets me know someone is here before they knock. My kids love her too. They say Lei Lei is thier little sister. I just wanted you guys know i have enjoyed the pics and the comments you have about your own babies.

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my Lei Lei looks alot like your black and white. she has some black specks on the white around the neck and chest area.

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her pups look just like her. I have pics on my fone and tried to send them to my computer but it wouldnt let me i will keep trying.

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i saw this site and thought i would check it out. My sister and I believe I have a Basenji mix. We rescued her. We found out she was abandoned while pregnant. Two wonderful guys took her in and took care of her while she was pregnant and found homes for her 4 puppies. I decided I wanted her. My sister and I looked on the web to find out what she was. She matches the discription of basenjis. She almost never barks. She stresses when she is left alone. She will only go in a room when there is someone in there. She can climb a fence like no ones business. she looks like the basenji except her tail doesn't curl as much as a full blooded one does. She is about 21 lbs. Black with white legs, the stipe down her nose and the tip of her tail is also white. I hope to have a pic to post soon. was just wondering if anyone can tell me anything just frome the discription. The vets assistant said she looked like a basenji. I just wanted to make sure

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