• I recently rescued a puppy from a shelter that I think is a Basenji, or at least a Basenji mix. He looks like a Basenji, but he barks (it doesn't sound like a regular dog bark) and he doesn't clean himself. Has anyone heard of this?

  • There are definitely B crosses that can bark (some sound regular and some don't). Post a pic if you can-we should be able to tell you if we think it's part B. The cleaning thing-if it's a mix-could be normal as well.

  • If that is a pic of your pup in your posts, then maybe a B mix, and not even all Basenjis groom themselves… but most do, some more the others...

  • I have a Basenji mix from a shelter – her personality first tipped us off that she was part basenji. She doesn't have the curly tail, nor do her ears stand up all the time (they do occassionally). Hollie is thought to be basenji and whippet... Just saw yesterday about DNA testing for your mixed breeds. We can know DEFINATELY know what breeds our dog is mixed with.... just save up the money!!!

  • **Judgin from your other post, I'd have to say you got a Basenji/Houdini mix…:eek:

    Let the good times roll.....:D**

  • floppy ears - isn't that a sign of something other than basenji?

  • I was kinda thinking sheltie-but I can't see the pic well enough.

  • His ears have de-flopped. they are now point and stand up most of the time, ecept when he is really excited or running. then they lay back on his head like a greyhound.

  • Here's Goober

  • Yea, I say he looks like a Basenji mix to me, he's so darn cute!!!

  • Could be a B mix or a Shepard/Terrier mix, but cute as can be…

  • I don't know what he is except darn adorable!! You sure have a cutie!

  • HOW CUTE!!! I love the one ear up & one down…I wish mine could do that!! Definitely something senji about this little guy but rest assured he's 100% CUTE

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