I live in Europe and I have reserved myself a basenji pup from a breeder, known as good and responsible in my country, we have a good contact and I like her very much 🙂 I'm sure puppy will be beautiful healthy and very basenji! Since I don't have a big understanding about lines, titles and pedigrees, I'd like to get your opinion, how does it looks (pedigree) - is it weak, ok, or promising, is there too much inbreeding, what's the bloodlines ect.
I'm trying to understand all those things, but I have to say - I am already in love with my little basenji girl, she's just 3 weeks old, and waiting is killing me! I'll add some pictures (that breeder sent me) when I'll figure out how to add them on this forum! :p
I really really hope I'm not mistaken about the breeder, since she's slowly becoming my friend thru all the basenji talks on phone and email..
Here's the links to parents: