• Packed up the kids and hubby in the car on the weekend for the three hour round trip to the breeder. We picked out a beautiful baby boy. he's just turned four weeks old. So we're gonna wait a fortnight then go and see him, then two weeks after that, the breeder we'll bring him to us. He's black/white. Little white ankle socks and a half white collar. I think he likes us too. He was giving me loads of little baby kisses. Any suggestions for a name. For us girls r a lot easier than boys and everything i like, Scott screws up his nose.(Typical male. And i'm getting another one??????).I was thinking something maybe egyptian or african, just not sure!

  • Here's a website that has Egyptian names-

    You might also try the AKC and see names from some of the champions that might give you ideas.

    Some time back there was also a discussion of what forum folks have named their pups - you could search that for ideas.

    Each time I've gotten a new dog, I've developed all kinds of lists of names that I thought would be good but in the end the dog has always "chosen" the name for himself - invariabley something happened that would make the choice for me. 🙂

  • Did you get any pictures of the baby during your visit???

  • How exciting! Would love to see a pic….

  • Still trying to figure out how to send photos. I 've been trying for about three weeks and it's totally doing my head in.LOL.

  • Hi,

    Here is a post that explains how to add photos:


    Hope it helps,

  • It will be great to see you new b.

  • I would suggest waiting until you get the little guy. Indi didn't have a name for abut 2 days. We had all these names in mind and none of them fit. Thats my two cents anyway (oh ya and because we did that I have a cool costume for him on haloween but I don't think I am going to get any cooperation on his end)

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