New to site

Hi everyone, I'm new to the site. I'm surprised I haven't found it before. I'm a certified vet tech and basenjis are my passion. My first dog as a child was a basenji and he was the best but when I went to college everyone disliked the breed for various reasons I'm sure you've all heard them. Ever since then my goal has been to become a breeder and make the wonderful qualities more known. I've done lots of research but I haven't started breeding because I don't want to be a back yard breeder. Does anyone have any tips or places to get quality breeding dogs?

Thanks alot I appreciate every bit of information.

Welcome!! You'll like it here. Check out the Breeder Threads. You'll find lots of info there!

Welcome…no breeding info. from me, but I'm certain you'll get lots of feedback and have fun with others who share your passion for Basenjis!
I got mine from a NH breeder and we live in VT. Enjoy!

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