New basenji

I have first time bought a male dog, dark in color. Searching names and tips to deal with it, teach manners and rules of house.

How old is you dog? Pictures would be nice! Welcome to the forum!

Basenjis are not the easiest dogs to train, but they can certainly be taught manners and house rules. If you are dealing with a puppy you can start with the basics. If you have adopted an older dog you may have to untrain some unwanted behaviours.

Get some books- they help. Basenjis are not like normal dogs and you need to be careful with punishments

Have you spoken to the breeder? They should be your first source

Positive reinforcement as opposed to punishment goes a long way with making a happy relationship with this breed.

Welcome to the forum. Where did you get your dog from? How old is he?

This site has very simple to follow training, all positive.

And I think that clicker training is the BEST way to train a Basenji.

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