A New Appreciation Of My Basenjis

  • I have a new appreciation of just how wonderful my basenjis are after spending the last two days and still having one more to go dog sitting my mom's basenjis. My dogs are in no way perfect and taking care of four dogs by yourself is always a task but I can really appreciate how well my dogs respond to me. It is the little things like getting the hint to not walk behind me and tie me up when I am walking two at a time and that though my dogs often forget themselves and walk on a tight leash they long ago gave up true pulling except at lure trials. I can also really appreciate that I do not have a resource gaurder in my house. I can not wait to go home and cuddle my sweeties.

  • I pet set my friends b's and its the same there…MY 2 are angels...

  • So so true Lisa!!! What a difference it makes.

    The only problem is now I have to convince my family that even though the dogs seem great they are not the same easy going trustworthy dog that their schnauzer is! grrrr

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