• So I posted on the Lawton OK Craigslist PETS section seeing if there were any other Basenji owners in the area to suggest a play date. And surprisingly in Fletcher (SMALL town nearby with barely 500 people) someone emailed me who has a Female Basenji. I havent seen her yet but we are going to set up a play date sometime soon! 🙂 Anubis is going to have a new friend! I was very surprised to actually get a response…especially from someone in such a small town!

  • Good to hear that Anubis is to have a new friend - what a coincidence that there is another Basenji nearby.

  • Hope to hear the b's make nice and you have a great play day.

  • Even with us living in a highly populated area, I am always overjoyed when we come across another basenji. Hope the b's have a wonderful time together! Remember to take pictures!

  • didn't realize the kjaanbutt was spam sorry!

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