New Basenji!!

Hi all.

New to this.

Myself and my partner are getting a basenji pup in January (he’s due to be born in 2-3 weeks!!). Yes, we have read A LOT on the breed, we have been speaking to our breeder for 8 months now, we have been to her home and met her other dogs, we have been to numerous basenji shows, we are as prepared as we can be until he arrives (I’m fully aware we will not be prepared for the basenji nature to come our way).

The reason for this post is simply to ask advice and for those of you in our position to share your experiences with us (pictures are also very welcome!)

We are very excited.


Welcome, sounds like you have done your homework. Congrats....... Care to share your potential pups sire/dam? Many of us are related by our Basenjis. You can visit with mine on my website, link below

Nice to meet you! πŸ™‚

Thank you! We tried, haha.

Memetuka basenjis is her affix.

The breeder is a wonderful lady and we consider her a very good friend.

Her dogs are so loving and the Mother took to myself and my partner right away, so that's a good sign! We are so excited to meet our pup.

I'm going to check out your link right away.

I think it's great you're getting a new pup. Congratulations.

I think the best advice I could give would be to make sure you have a crate and some good fencing. You can usually find good crates. For fencing I like this: It may seem (insanely) expensive but it works wells, having a gate is a huge deal, and it's a lot cheaper than having to toss out a chewed up rug, carpet, wall hanging, camera, etc. Best to start out with a small area and then gradually increase it. If you need outdoor fencing this works and is pretty inexpensive: You can put several together and fence off a patio or part of a backyard .

The other advice would be to emphasize that bribery with treats is a good thing, not a felony! They work great to elicit the behavior you want. You can also take them when on walks and have strangers who want to pet the pup turn into a "trusted food source". In this regard, this book is a fun (terrifying?) read.

The final advice would be to not push when you got your pup. They learn a lot of manners between 8 and 12 weeks. If you're close to the breeder I'd try and take them him back a few times so they have some continuity. Hard for these little guys to have been raised with a pack and then to be all alone. Plus it might give your pup a chance to work off some energy. Socialization is important so any chance you get to have them interact with other dogs and new people are great.

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@nathanyodavis said in New Basenji!!:

Memetuka basenjis is her affix.

When I judged East of England Show a couple of years ago, I gave her lovely Finnish import CC/BOB. She also got Best Puppy and one of the Reserve CCs -

You are in very good hands - lovely dogs, great pedigrees !

No way! Thats crazy because that "Finnish import" is the Mother of our little pup!

She's a lovely lady and we feel very comfortable with her.

@donc said in New Basenji!!:
The other advice would be to emphasize that bribery with treats is a good thing, not a felony! They work great to elicit the behavior you want. You can also take them when on walks and have strangers who want to pet the pup turn into a "trusted food source". In this regard, this book is a fun (terrifying?) read.

Thanks so much for the advice! I purchased that book around 2 months ago in preparation and its a fantastic book. Many people had recommended that one through the Basenji facebook group.

We intend on socialising him as much as possible and getting him used to what he's going to be around for the rest of his life (younger siblings, other dogs, certain noises of everyday life etc).

Thanks again!

@nathanyodavis said in New Basenji!!:

No way! Thats crazy because that "Finnish import" is the Mother of our little pup!

She may be an old fashioned Basenji but she was sound as sound, with a lovely true Basenji head. Her breeder shows her well on a slack lead so she can move out freely.

If there had been a class for Progeny at that show, that little Mom would have won it hands down. Super youngsters. You've chosen your new puppy well !!!

Send pictures for the data base ?

Once our little Jericho has arrived, I’ll be sure to upload many, many pictures for everybody!!


A bit confused. Five days ago you said due in 2 to 3 weeks. Breeders generally know within a few days either direction, not weeks early.

Can't wait to see pictures. πŸ™‚

@debradownsouth - My thoughts also Debradownsouth.... about the birth... that is really early for birth to take place.

@debradownsouth I'm going purely from the 9-week timescale. If she caught the weekend the breeder had her mated then 9-weeks would mean the pups are due the first week of December πŸ™‚ Could be before, could be a bit after. Dog is showing VERY much. My Mum is a breeder herself so I know the signs too.

Can't wait to share!

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Of course one possibility hit me... she may be, like expectant human mothers, misleading about the due date so she isn't nagged to death... are they here yet? are they here yet? LOL... can't wait to see your pup.

Congratulations! We found that - besides good info - among the important things are: patience, an open heart, a soft voice, clear boundaries, and above all a sense of humour. And you do realise that your life as you know it, will be over soon?

Looking back to when I got my very first basenji, a pet, the one thing I remember is that she taught us to never let a basenji do something that you are going to disallow in the future. Of course not everything can be planned ahead.

I bough her a pig ear' to chomp, kept it in a lower kitchen cabinet. Not long after, I learned this was NOT a healthy treat so threw it away. Until the day she died, 10-12 years later, she'd sit by that cabinet and whine, until I opened it to show her there were no pig ears in there.
This was really no big deal, but I imagine if it had been a chair that she was not allowed on. They just do not forget. Anything.

@kjdonkers I suppose as this normal life comes to an end, another one begins? πŸ˜‰

We are feeling so many mixed emotions, but overall we are excited.

@rugosa First of all I am super sorry for your loss. Secondly, thank you for the advice. I've read a lot about being so stern and not falling for the puppy behaviour. I'll definitely practice this as much as its preached. We want him to be his own dog, but at the same time we want him to be our dog too.

@nathanyodavis Well, another life, yes, whether it's normal remains to be seen. Many, even dog lovers/owners, find basenjis strange creatures and the way they move around the house (as in couch, table, bed) difficult to appreciate. As long as you realise you have entered a universe where different laws apply and new possibilities arise around the corner every day, you'll be fine.

LOL on the pig ear.

But it's not just a basenji trait. One night it was storming and one of my rotts was fixated on one of the bedroom windows. I looked, there was a toad on the screen! The dog was so intense about wanting to get to it, my daughter went out in the rain and moved it from the window. From then until she died, day or night, I had to let her in the bedroom when it stormed to make sure the once-in-a-lifetime visitor wasn't there.

They think more than many people give them credit for.

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