My pup

I also have a Basenji/Jack Russell. He is a fantastic dog. He is like having a human living with me. He understands most things and very smart. Other da he started to chase a rabbit and I yelled no and he stopped on a dime. We don’t even use a lease because he stays close to us. He is the best rescue pup ever. 0_1610580664015_C902D280-F293-4631-9058-0DCE61C3DCBA.jpeg

He's lovely - and well done for letting him run free as nature intended !

That guy's a brindle. Lucky you! I think those are so good looking. They seem somewhat rare to me. Zaki is the only other one I recall seeing on this site. Great looking dog! 😁 👍

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Seems like he hit the lottery with you

Stops on a dime chasing a rabbit? Are you sure he’s Basenji!?! Lol.

@triggers-dad said in My pup:

Stops on a dime chasing a rabbit? Are you sure he’s Basenji!?! Lol.

The Jack Russell part wouldn't be slowing him down either. They normally have a very high prey drive and in my experience are extremely tough dogs. My girlfriend's JRT bitch put my dog aggressive boy in his place in less than 30 seconds. Very unusual for either of these breeds to be biddable when a chase is offered.

Your dog looks very similar to mine except my dog’s ears stand up after she grows up. Her ears are folded like yours when she was a baby .

He is beautiful...I LOVE his markings. Have fun with your new best friend!!!

Super cute! No dimes at my house.......

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