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@giza1 yes! Ours is a 3 1/2 year old tri color and he’s the sweetest! He’s a little old man at heart so we call him Giza the geezer 😂 I’m surprised it isn’t more common too!

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Hey all!
I am a mama to two basenjis! My partner and I are starting a podcast about the beautiful creatures that we can’t get enough of! We plan to discuss the history behind the breed, interview various experts, answer questions and discuss the breed we all love so dearly! We also want to share these things as a way to educate potential basenji owners and new basenji owners. Basically anything about the basenji!

I was hoping all you wonderful people could comment with anything that you would like to hear in the podcast or things you find important to include. We also plan to have a Q+A segment as well as tips from owners potentially involved in at least some of the podcast episodes. I will update with how to find the podcast for anyone interested in being involved in any way including listening in 😊

I included (or attempted to) a couple pics of my bbs! Cleopatra and Giza

Thanks y’all!
-Molli Lou

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