• Today my boyfriend and I took our B to one of her favorite places–my parents house for dinner. She loves it there. Usually when we are outside she is pretty safe on the deck. My dad was BBQing so I let her outside. The only problem is that there is no fence on either side of the yard so she can get out. This time, she figured this out (after months of not doing this!) and all of a sudden she ran through the crescent, down the path and got about halfway to the neighborhood park before we caught her. She loved the run, was totally safe because there was no cars nearby and probably felt free as a bird. Too bad B's can't usually be trusted without a leash because she was so cute running so freely. Next time she won't be allowed off a leash!

  • Ya I know!!! we use a 50ft leash to simulate freedom, we drop it on the ground and if he bolts we have time to step on the leash. Also for this so he doesn't choke himself we use the word HUP! That tells him he has about 3ft left on the leash so he stops running. It works pretty well after the first few times.

  • The other day I was at the local park and a portion of the park is fenced in so I took Shango's lease off of him and he was allowed to run free. It was great to see him enjoying himself UNTIL he found a hole in the fence and (because he's a basenji!) darted out, running towards the other end of the park.

    I called out his name, keeping my cool even though I was terrified! and he stopped, looked back at me, looked towards the open park and came running RIGHT back to me.

    It was so adorable, but that doesn't mean my heart wasn't racing! A loose basenji, with their speed and smarts, can be a scary thing!

  • Funny how they always find the hole! The first time to the dog park my skiddish female found the hole and ran for three hours. It was dark and we had kind of given up. She was near us but we couldn't grab her. I grabbed the male and began walking home on the least traffic-filled route possible. Eventually about a half a mile down the sidewalk she came right up next to us and I could grab her. It was scary.

  • Walking away from the b' works sometimes, or pointing to the ground, talking, saying WHAT is that???
    Excited voice will sometimes bring them over to you.
    Its tough when the get a scent of something and go.

  • I've been impressed this winter. We've been a little more distracted than usual with my fiance's illness and then the new england ice storm that knocked our power out for a week. Usually we just tell him to "wait" if we need to leave the door open for longer than usual and he is pretty good. However, there have been a few times that we haven't and he has walked outside. In the warm months that is followed by a very fast dash to the pond along the dirt road behind our house. However, the last 2 times this happened he got to the driveway and from the open doorway I sternly said "Colbey, come, inside" and he looked towards the snow filled yard, looked at me and the warm house and decided to obediently come straight inside. I'm trying not to fool myself into believing that will work once it gets warm again.

  • Whenever we love on Sahara with hugging, kissing her sweet face, cuddling, she will immediately get up and shake it off. It is so funny, it's like she is saying I love you guys but please I am only a Basenji, not your baby. Maybe she understand when we call her, Our Baby Girl, hehe!!!!!:D

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