• Keoki is one clever fellow.

    When Jazzy has a bone or chewie or whatever that he wants, he begins to pester her. He'll nibble her toes, bite her thigh, slap at her w/his feet, etc. She growls and gripes, and snarls and sounds awful, but he keeps on. He'll roll around on the floor by her, slapping, etc. Finally, she gets so fed up she'll drop the item to bite at him, and he'll swoop in like lightening and grab it. She usually looks confused for a second and then moves on.
    It is hilarious.

    Now, the question for all you experts: as long as they are handling this w/out blood shed or extreme violence {sometimes there ARE minor fights [maybe 15 second duration] as he really IS irritating}, should I just let them work things out? I'm inclined to let them work it out; Dh thinks I should intervene.

  • Let them work it out, Kobey does exactly the same to Crystal….

  • Agree, let them work it out. By they way, after a while the older one will do the same to the younger (to steal the warm spot on the couch, for example).

  • For sure let them handle it. If there is no bloodshed, there is nothing to worry about.

  • Thanks everyone.

    It's so nice to have an affirming moment; otherwise known as an "I told you so" moment, but with less attitude.

  • Let them work it out. As the pup gets older, Jazzy will probably exert her status. Then you may need to step in.

  • 1 of mine would be on the couch with a compressed rawhide chew bone chewing and the other would get as close as possible to the couch and bait. The one on the couch would really growl and the other darting around close baiting. Then the one on the couch gets so mad it jumps off the couch, leaving the bone, to chase the other who runs around the coffee table jumps up on the couch and steals the bone. It's way too funny. I don't even need a TV to be entertained.

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