• We just adopted a pup this weekend and was told shes a shepard mix..we dont think thats the case here. I'm having trouble uploading a pic because of the size but i could use an experienced eye with this breed as we have never heard of it. I'll take any and all advice regarding her. Shes so precious but i have a feeling she'll need a lot of work, time and attention. She also lives with a cat now so I'll need any help i can get with that! Thanks!
    I can message a pic if someone can please let me know what they think upon first glance!

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  • 0_1530239336872_20180628_175724.jpg

    Here she is πŸ™‚

  • @debradownsouth youre awesome! Thank you!

  • I see Basenji

  • @2baroos hey, thanks! Do you see it as more of a mix?

  • 0_1530273377904_lazy (3).JPG ![0_1530273360249_lazy.JPG](Uploading 84%) She's lovely and very Basenji. Does she have a curly tail? You're right about the amount of time and attention you'll ave to pay her. Basenji's are playful, naughty, intelligent, willfull, funny, loony and want a lot of attention. You need to be one step ahead all the time but all the effort you put into her will be more rewarding that you can imagine. They are very loyal and can live with cats a they see the as their pack but be on your guard with cats outside. In some cases it can take a long time and you have to be patient but well worth it. I've had several dogs over the years and George is my first B and I'm smitten, I'll never have another breed especially a I've done so much research. Good Luck and happy times.![0_1530273336067_2018_0323pets0001.JPG](Uploading 99%)

  • @ceecee haha oh boy yours is cute! And yep she has a curly tail, it does both! Thanks for the input 😁

  • I have never met a basenji that smells like 'dog' when it's wet. They smell like a wet wool blanket when wet.
    If your cutie gets wet and smells like a dog, that doesn't tell you so much, because you know she's a mix.
    However, if she doesn't smell like a dog when wet, that tells you that there is some basenji in her. Looking so much like a basenji, and not smelling like a dog, to me is evidence there is some basenji in her.

    OMG, are you in for some fun!

  • LOL Vickie, the smell test. Though I have known other dogs that didn't smell doggie when wet.

  • How old? How big? Weight? All the Basenji/German Shepherd or Malinois mixes I've ever seen look like coyotes but they were most likely red & white mixes. Never seen a tri-shepherd mix before. Those are very big ears!

  • @senjisilly Ive never seen any dog that looks like this haha. Shes unusual to me! Her weight is now almost 11 lbs. The shelter was unsure of age..they guesstimated between 2 and 3 months. I'll say based on her teeth (what she'll let me see of them) that theyre correct

  • At 2-3 months and 11 lbs she should not be a large dog, whatever she is mixed with or if she's a mix. Regardless, you definitely need Basenji help. Start with The Basenji Club of America's "Basenji University". Pay close attention to "Your New Basenji Comes Home" and "Training Your Basenji": http://www.basenji.org/BasenjiU/Owner/Handbook/101Guide.html
    Saw your other post here in the Basenji Forums and you should post some of those questions here (since you have an established audience). Food aggression should be addressed right away. I would not free feed but have specific meal times and always in the same area. Make her wait for her food, even if you need to have her leashed to start. You need to start getting her used to showing you her teeth cooperatively as well as getting her used to having her paws handled. This all takes a lot of repetitive efforts on your part. The teeth thing is a little tricky. Hope someone else can explain it. I know how to do it but explaining it, not so good.

  • @jalex Is her tail curly? Are her front center toe pads connected? Hard to tell because of the foot hair but the center toe pad is connected, not two separate pads.0_1530322710219_toes (2).jpg

  • @senjisilly i read in quite a few different places that looking at their teeth is an issue. She wont let me do anything actually but she does let me hold her. Its been a rough week. As with any dog/breed you need to be sure theyre a fit for your family and so far if she is a B I'm struggling to believe itll work out but we're trying! I appreciate the input and guidance, thank you!

  • @jalex They are not for everyone. I knew what I was getting into before I got my first one and still there were surprises.

  • @senjisilly tail is curled! It can do both actually. Her pad looks exactly like that but shes biting the heck out of me so i took a picture of it bc i cant look at it lol

  • Our rescue had food issues and aggression was one of them. When I held him I would feed him until he figured out my hands gave food. I was eventually able to put my hand in his rush while he ate and give him food from my hand. It will take time but almost everything is possible.

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