• This weekend Ernie and I went to CarolAnn Worshams home to see her new Lukuru pups. They were absolutely adorable. she has some pics on her website but they were sweet as pie. The pics of them in Africa were so sad and hard to believe they were the same dogs. The father of the one was a Mahogony Tri which I have never seen before. Very cool dog. It is neat to see how the dogs from Africa look so similar to our B's here. Anyway, just had to share. I think she has some pics on her website. www.hicotn.com if anyone wants to see them.

  • What an awesome website, thanks for sharing! I really like the way that she describes Basenji's to someone without scaring them but informing them.

    Her B's are beautiful.

  • I am new in the basenji world and I have been looking for a puppy. I talked to CarolAnn a few days ago. What a wonderful woman she is. She took the time to talk with me make sure that I wanted another puppy, and said that she would help me find the puppy that was right for my family. It is always nice to talk to a person like they have known you all of your life. So if you read this CarolAnn thanks for everything. Over the last week or so I have talked to a few breeders and she comes highly recomended. I can't wait to see her dogs.

  • CarolAnn is the best.
    So are her dogs.
    If your lucky enough to get one of these wonderful "critters" your very lucky indeed.

  • I hope to. Her dogs are beautiful. After talking to her for an hour or so I could tell that she cares for her dogs. I can't wait to meet her or her dogs. If I would have known that she was who she was when I was talking to her (dogs in book, knows way more than me.) i would have never been able to talk to her the way that I did. I must thank her for that. Anyway, she is a wonderful person. I hope that someday I could know half as much as she does.

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