Is my new pup part basenji?

Nala is 13 weeks and definitely a mutt, but was wondering if any of you thought she was part basenji? The curly tail, aloof walk, and ears make me think so, but she is a barker so I know that a different barking breed is mixed in.0_1599610660139_86341971-CA1D-4DD4-AB55-3CE26EEB9CD8.jpeg
4_1599610718878_87164340-734B-4833-B8EE-574F3A920713.png 3_1599610718878_24BF60ED-30EF-47CC-99CA-9E8E9109BA2A.png 2_1599610718878_F13BE5B8-9222-46AA-8373-66A7AD8DA29C.png 1_1599610718878_C5F4D6A1-C740-4F46-A13D-49BD05ED688F.png 0_1599610718877_A8823F6C-5226-41E7-8A09-124B96675B39.jpeg

I'm leaning towards a Chihuahua mix.
A breeder with more experience of young Basenji's may have a different opinion.

Muts can be wonderful dogs ! She's a lovely creature with oodles of character but honestly I can't see Basenji in there. Much more likely to be Chihuahua - but you love her anyway, so why worry ? You can always get her DNA tested and might be very surprised !

She is a beauty, whatever breeds she is. Obviously you two share a lot of love together. Wonderful!!!!

Congratulations on your new pup! Nala is a cutie! It’d be interested to know her genetic make-up......I don’t have any guesses. Enjoy her - she is precious.

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