Is she part Basenji?


Newly adopted puppy, thinking she’s part basenji but not sure. Please share you thoughts 😊

Could be!?! Best to do a DNA test. But OMG - she is adorable! A precious pup! 🐾🐕🐾

Yeah I think I might do a dna test! We keep getting people saying she might be a Jack Russell or retriever, so I’m curious to what she really is. But thank you!!😊

She appears to have a curled tail. What are some of her characteristics and quirks?

That’s one of the main reasons I was thinking basenji. Shes high energy, seems to be a bit stubborn but highly intelligent. Not the biggest in barking but when she does it’s super high pitched. Don’t know if that’s a breed trait or if its she just hasn’t got her big girl bark yet. She loves people and other dogs, cries out when we have to say goodbye to them. I’ve only had her for a week so still getting to see her full little personality come out 😊0_1573343844799_212E92FA-F533-45EF-9751-69F1992247C7.jpeg

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Super cute! Not sure how much the DNA test costs but I would want to know. Certainly teases us with some Basenji traits. Enjoy your precious little one!

She is SO adorable! Looks like some Basenji there! If so, enjoy the ride!!!!

She is a gorgeous baby but I can't see any Basenji there, but stay along for the ride (on the forum). I could be wrong. Do a DNA test if its important, otherwise just love her !

Thank you everyone for the input!! 😊

Agree fully with Zande.. but she is very, very cute

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