Basenji Treats (training)

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Intermittent, unpredictable rewards have a stronger influence (which is why people go to casinos!).

PREEEECISELY ! Keep 'em guessing. Sometimes there will be a reward, sometime a pat or praise. Voice is a very important component in any training program.

@eeeefarm I think I would rather risk high sugar that what unknown rubbish in shop bought treats. Also, as I always seem to attract other dog wanting treats, which I'm happy to give not so many lke carrots.

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Make your own treats.... get a dehydrator... I make all kinds of treats from veggies to chicken

Dear Pat,
This may be the only bad advice I've ever seen you give, roflmao.

I bought one, and after one use, threw it in the trash. Gag.

I suggest that you find someone with a dehydrator and borrow it first.

@ceecee I make my own treats using a dehydrator. Meats, veggies, fruits. I eat them too!

@debradownsouth Love mine use it every week, my dogs love everything that comes out of it too.

I might try again. It's hard and about triple the cost to get high quality treats here in Israel.

@debradownsouth What are you doing in Israel? Did I miss something Debra?


Yeah, I posted months ago that my daughter and I were moving to Israel. We and the dogs left from JFK airport on Dec 26. We're living in if you ever visit Israel, I'll have a bed for you! We love it here.

@debradownsouth WOW, Debra.... how exciting... totally missed that... email me privately at and tell me all about it... don't want to hijack someones thread!

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