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@rugosa First of all I am super sorry for your loss. Secondly, thank you for the advice. I've read a lot about being so stern and not falling for the puppy behaviour. I'll definitely practice this as much as its preached. We want him to be his own dog, but at the same time we want him to be our dog too.

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@kjdonkers I suppose as this normal life comes to an end, another one begins? πŸ˜‰

We are feeling so many mixed emotions, but overall we are excited.

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@debradownsouth I'm going purely from the 9-week timescale. If she caught the weekend the breeder had her mated then 9-weeks would mean the pups are due the first week of December πŸ™‚ Could be before, could be a bit after. Dog is showing VERY much. My Mum is a breeder herself so I know the signs too.

Can't wait to share!

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Once our little Jericho has arrived, I’ll be sure to upload many, many pictures for everybody!!

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@donc said in New Basenji!!:
The other advice would be to emphasize that bribery with treats is a good thing, not a felony! They work great to elicit the behavior you want. You can also take them when on walks and have strangers who want to pet the pup turn into a "trusted food source". In this regard, this book is a fun (terrifying?) read.

Thanks so much for the advice! I purchased that book around 2 months ago in preparation and its a fantastic book. Many people had recommended that one through the Basenji facebook group.

We intend on socialising him as much as possible and getting him used to what he's going to be around for the rest of his life (younger siblings, other dogs, certain noises of everyday life etc).

Thanks again!

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No way! Thats crazy because that "Finnish import" is the Mother of our little pup!

She's a lovely lady and we feel very comfortable with her.

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Nice to meet you! πŸ™‚

Thank you! We tried, haha.

Memetuka basenjis is her affix.

The breeder is a wonderful lady and we consider her a very good friend.

Her dogs are so loving and the Mother took to myself and my partner right away, so that's a good sign! We are so excited to meet our pup.

I'm going to check out your link right away.

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Hi all.

New to this.

Myself and my partner are getting a basenji pup in January (he’s due to be born in 2-3 weeks!!). Yes, we have read A LOT on the breed, we have been speaking to our breeder for 8 months now, we have been to her home and met her other dogs, we have been to numerous basenji shows, we are as prepared as we can be until he arrives (I’m fully aware we will not be prepared for the basenji nature to come our way).

The reason for this post is simply to ask advice and for those of you in our position to share your experiences with us (pictures are also very welcome!)

We are very excited.


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