New Game

New game with Mica. Mica gets to play with an empty plastic water bottle that has an approximately one inch hole at the top. Easier for her to retrieve the treat when she gets the treat. A few treats are placed inside or one at a time. Mica has to sit, almost quietly, since this is a game, and the count goes - 1-2-3- and the bottle gets spun and she watches and than she gets to tackle and catch the spinning bottle and try to get the treats out. Maybe one treat at a time, or several shook before it is spun in the bottom of the bottle. New fun game. BaMica. 😃 :eek: 🆒

Great idea, BaMica! Magnum loves interactive games! I'll be giving this one a whirl.

Thanks this is great just tried it with my B and he seems to be enjoying the challenge

I have put treats in a bottle for Jojo to work on getting them out but I never thought about spinning and counting first. Great idea! I will give it a try…Thanks...

Hollie would simply chew up the plastic bottle to get to the treats. She has done this with EMPTY bottles. That's my B!

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