New game for my dogs!

I thought i would share with you the latest game my dogs have found to exercise themselves. We are on a farm in southern Queensland we have 171 acres. there is 40+ acres around the house of irrigated lucerne (alphalpha) which are mowed.
My dogs 1 7 month old Basenji, 4 mini foxies and red cattle dog are madly chasing Magpies which have just finished nesting.
Magpies defend their nests or young fiercely and will swoop and chase you if annoyed.
Well the dogs must have been swooped and now they are fair game.
It's very entertaining watching the 'pack" chasing them the length and breadth of the cultivation. If the dogs could climb trees they would.
Usually it's Zuri the basenji out in front it's a coursing track in my front yard. They have even started chasing anything with wings.

What lucky doggies to have the space and some magpies to hassle, nice tired out dogs for you only downside is a healthy appetite unless they happen to get lucky with the magpies. Kaiser shows a lot of interest in birds as he knows they usually drop food from the trees for him.

Jolanda and Kaiser

Can you post pictures?

Sounds lovely!

So much cold and snow here.

Unfortunately, the only think photos would show is black dots in paddocks of green lucerne.
I have tried taking photos but without a zoom lens it's impossible.
The paddocks are about 200 yards by 600 yards. Sorry.
But I did see a fox sneaking across a paddock today at 3pm in the afternoon.
The dogs must have been asleep! I called them but then the fox bolted, too late for the sleepy dogs.

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