Dog Games by Nina Ottoson

I bought the Tornado Game for our two Basenjis to test their mental skills.

Dog - A is a female, Dog - B is a male.

Dog A figured out how to remove the bones & twist the levels to get to the treats. Dog B stood & watched as Dog A removed the bones, then ate the revealed snacks while Dog A put the bones on a pillow some distance away.

Which dog is smarter, Dog A who figured out the puzzle, or Dog B for not even trying, but waiting to steal the treats?

Dog B sounds smarter to me. 🙂

Last summer Kipawa and I experienced lure coursing for the first time at Kipawa's breeders' home. It was a very hot day and the grass was dry and hot. Therese and Kevin had big cooling buckets that each dog stepped into after they ran the course. One of the basenjis ran the course for his first time. The second time, at the second turn, he just cut across the center of the course and met the lure back at the finish area.

Not so dumb in my books!

These games seem to be a great test for dog intelligence with several step problem solving.

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