Things to do with your dog

I like to be active in the lives of my pets
Duo, my cat, doesn't like to do much but we have our time at night, before bed
she happily cuddles up with me, we share our feelings for each other and curl up to sleep

I was looking for things I'd like to do with Bindi, see what we can and can not do
a few years back I saw a show on Animal Planet, K9 Karma and I want to get in shape, make my life healthier I also thought of Lure
I love to run with her and we have a 2 mile trail around a lake near by
I figured we could run there ❤

what does everyone hear do with their dogs/animals?

(here's the link to the K9 Karma show


Lure coursing is a wonderful activity for your Basenji… they love it....

Things I do with my dogs:
Lure Coursing
Rally Obedience
Straight Racing
Oval Racing

We take our kids as many places as we can…

running/jogging- nature trails
doggie events (like ours!!
I've taken Lexi to do lure coursing a few years ago- it was fun, but she wasn't as in to it as I thought she might be; our dobie was FAR superior! lol

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