• Will Tiggy seems to like water. We just got back from visiting our house in Oklahoma. Every time I took a shower I had company, Reggie and Tiggy both would come in the shower with me. Here's pictures of my shower so you can understand better when I say they literally were in the shower with me. Sorry no actual showering pics, lol.

    They will stand right were the glass wall stops and lick the spray or come even closer and lick my feet and calves. They are silly dogs. I find it really funny since most b's are not fond of water. Tiggy acts like a little nut and runs in and out, then he has a blast helping me dry my legs and dry Reggie's face

  • That is TOO funny. I can literally see them doing this!!! Great story!!

  • Too funny…I can see it now! 😃 I'd say encourage the behavior because it sounds like Tiggy won't mind the rain as he grows.

    Ruby will stick her head in the shower curtain when I'm showering and her head always gets shower mist or dripped on and she doesn't care. She doesn't mind wet grass or light to moderate rain on walks. A downpour is another story...

  • My 2 stand outside the shower and when it stops and someone steps out, they can't get to licking the dreaded water off of toes and legs.
    If you close them outside the door, they cry and scratch until they can get in and help you get dry!

  • LOL Sounds like my two Sharron! 🙂

  • My EL D will come running when he hears my start up the shower. Then he'll sit patiently until I step out so he can lick my legs dry. If I don't get out fast enough he'll try to climb in the tub/shower! I thought it was just him but maybe there's something in basenji history - help one another dry off so they can go hunting sooner?

  • She-Ra also likes to help dry us off. When we bath her usually I'll just pick her up and carry her in the shower with me and give her a good (but quick) scrub-down. She's usually really complacent about it (if Daddy says it's okay it must be okay), and has only yelped once when the water got in her eyes. She does like it when we're done and she's clean though…she'll parade all around the house to show off...the cats aren't really impressed though. 🙂

  • Kenzie will just get into the shower with my when im not paying attention. She also loves to dry me off by licking my legs clean when they are wet. LOL. When I am blow drying my hair, she also wants to be blow dried. she will roll over when she wants her other side dried. She has the best personality I have ever seen in a dog. That is why I love her so much.

  • Sahara does the same, she will stick her head through just enough to see you and then helps you get dry by licking. She loves to help out, and will take a bath pretty easy now. Daddy also took her with him to shower and she did good. We have also taken her in our boat with a lifepreserver of course and she liked it ok. Hubby put her in the river with him and she was fine with him. Yea, they do have the sweetest personalities, and we love our Sahara sooooooo much.

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