• Please bear in mind, we do not normally play nor allow this sort of play with our dogs, BUT….

    tonight Jazz was on my lap and Darren started making these silly jerky moves toward her to see what she would do, and in typical Jazz fashion she could not have looked more bored.
    Keoki, on the other hand, became intrigued from across the room, so Darren made a few moves toward him also. Keoki just watched with his ears perked up for a few seconds and then................ ATTACKED!!!!! :eek:

    It was not a mean attack; the dog was playing, but in a way that is way out of the norm for him with a human. Darren was so caught off guard and was laughing so hard he didn't really know what to do.

    Funny thing was, Keoki stopped as soon as I said, "Keoki, that's enough". 😃

  • That's the thing about dogs - they don't always know when you are teasing. Threatening behavior, even if only fake, can set some of them off into protection mode.

  • Oh yeah…that looks like totally normal male basenji play in our house. We tease both boys (actually some of our girls like it too -- some don't!) into play. Especially Querk! He LOVES it....and he is very gentle, and he makes sounds that sound kind like aggression, put particular to him are play. He likes to get wrestled to the ground and comes up spinning and goofing around. He only has a few people that he feels comfortable enough to play with like that.

  • Yes, Mojo is like that too Andrea. He loves to play with Auntie Sue at the shows. 🙂 He can get a bit rough sometimes with others, but it is all in fun to him. And he has always been so gentle with puppies.

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