• Hi! This is my first post and I must say this is an interesting web site. I have a red & white female(Sonia) Basenji who is almost 14 years old. She is a doll and we love her dearly. It's hard to see her get old and not quite as active. She is also pretty deaf, which is hard for all of us. We use hand signals for her when we can get her attention, but she often doesn't hear us to know to look. The Vet says there is nothing "wrong" that it is just a part of getting old.

    Does anyone every tried Glucosamine for Basenji arthritis symptoms? Has it helped and what is the dosage that you have given. Sonia weighs about 22 pounds. She has been having trouble going up the stairs and jumping onto the bed when it's time to go nitey night.

    Well, I have to go nitey night, too, so I'll sign off. Hopefully I'll get some replies.

  • Hi and welcome…and hugs to your little old girl! We use a supplement that has glucosamine for our dogs...but I have never used it straight, so I don't know what dosage would be appropriate. But I bet you could find the info online, or from your vet. It does seem to help with elderly and/or arthritic dogs.

  • Welcome Jody. getting old stinks–poor girl. At least she has a loving family to be with.

  • Welcome and I can appreciate "it stinks to get old", my oldest will be 16 in August and September! Mine are both mostly deaf… and I have used Move free (yes the people version) on my Basenjis, 1/2 a pill a day..

  • Welcome to the forum…my B girl is 11 yr and she limps for about 30-45 seconds after she gets up from laying for a little while...getting old does stink..I have yet to use any thing to help her but after this thread I am going to talk to Jojo's vet...a loving family is a blessing!!

  • Welcome lot's of good info on here! Enjoy!

  • Hi Jody,
    I had a 14-1/2 year old red/wht which I very sadly last Thursday had to put to sleep because of a large tumor. He also had very bad hearing. Fish oil has esential fatty acids which will help with any joint pain. It contains EPA/DHA. Get Spectrum Naturals if you want the capsule and puncture and squirt on food or give Carlson's COD Liver oil. You get these at the health food store. Use the glucosamine/chondroitin/MSM combination.

  • Welcome, this is a fun forum to learn and share! It sounds like your girl is getting great care…post pictures when you can!

  • Thanks for your replies. I've started giving Sonia Glucosamine w/ MSM every day and we'll see how she does. I'll give you an update in about a month and let you know if it's helped or not.

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