Settling in to a new home again

  • First Basenji's

    Cody and I have moved yet again, and hopefully this will be our last move for a while. He seems to be settling in well, although he has taken a page out of Kipawa's book.. The imposter basenji! He has been very subdued lately, although it may be from the stress of the move and being separated from Moe. I think he may be just a bit depressed. He's been moping a lot and just laying around in the recliner I got from my dad (Dad, Moe, and Cody used to fight over it).He does enjoy being king of this particular castle and loves all of the new smells of the neighborhood. He did come out of his funk a bit earlier today when he played a game of steal and defluff the toy with me. I've been trying to give him lots of special attention and keep him entertained because I know this move have been rough on him. I think once we get completely settled in, he'll cheer up a bit.

    I'm waiting on internet and cable to be hooked up, and then I'll post some more pics.

  • Moving is so hard on me too, so I empathize with Cody. Hope this is a long time home for you too.

  • Hope he bounces back to his old self soon.

  • That picture of his little self staring through the bars of the deck is such a cutie! King of his new domain. Hope you are both settled in and comfy with the new digs real soon.

  • we had our first move with Hope when she was just under 1 yr old. she had the blues for about a week or so. Sookihng and clingy but we just made sure we took her for more walks, and played awesome games in the backyard such as treasure hunts n stuff. Thankfully they come out of it - but its not something i want to do again LOL

  • Poor Cody! It was hard on Spencer (and me!) when we moved cross-country. At first, he would go and sit by the front door, waiting for someone to take him "home." I bought him new toys to play with and he would carry them to the door, sit beside them and wait. It took a few weeks, but he settled in. He still gets anxious when I bring in boxes, though.

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