• 😉 Yesterday we finally left Toby out of his crate for the first time, left to do some shopping and stopped by Sonic for a treat. When we came home we expected to find some disorder, but there was nothing. YAY!! He did fine, nothing was out of place, I still had a full roll of toilet paper on the holder, pillows were stuffed, all was well. I was just so proud I had to share!:D

  • Congrats!! Yay Toby 🙂 as long as he's tired I'm sure he will stay out of trouble 😃 😃

  • Last weekend we went to PA for my daughter's 13th b-day and of course took Champ. My husband thought since it was a new place we should keep our B out of his crate (made no sense to me, but not my carpet so whatever) After about 6hrs alone we expected to come back to a pooped up peeded on hotel room and guess what nothing, all clean. Mond you at home we keep Champ crated when left alone. GREAT!!!! now he's officially potty trained. Hooray..now we leave him out of the crate while home alone. He's so darn cute though because he is still used to his routine…mommy and daddy leave I go in my crate and get my treats. But now the crate is not locked. We are such proud parents...

  • He is just plotting, figuring if he stays cool the first few times, eventually he can be out a long time for maximum damage. 😉

  • yeap I wouldn't dount that…those little sneeky kids

  • we let our dogs out after about 1 1/2 years and they have never done any damage. Mostly they just sleep in their crates (doors left open)

    They do most their bad things when we are home- Bad attention is better then no attention

  • We'd really like to set up a camera to see what he does all day when we are not home

  • I saw some site where they had a Basenji Cam set up.

  • long weekend, maybe well charge the camera and see what goes on.

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