Came home to a suprise yesterday! short story

  • @sharronhurlbut:

    rnasto, that is what crates should be…a wonderful place for the dogs to be.
    Sadly, many times, the dogs are left too long in the crates, and they find it more of a prison than a retreat.
    Hugs for getting it right!

    Exactly… the crate for those that accept it.. (and yes there are some that will never accept) it is a great tool.... I for one use it especially when we are having work around the house... I never have to worry about a door being opened, a gate left open... it is a safe haven for them.. and me too...

  • I used to crate Banshee for a while, when we had to leave home without the dogs. But she was in the same room with the others so she did not feel alone. She chewed electric cables, therefore it was necessary to have her on the safe side.

    Now, after we have moved to Denmark, we have a own dogs room in the house, where they are safe: all electric plugs have been removed. There are no cables in there. They have a floor heating and some old sofas there. Water, toys or chewies are obligatory. They have a good sized window to check the garden (which is quite boring during the daytime).

    And as I do own 5 dogs, I do not have all of them in the dogs room, but the ones which are in "danger" to have a destruction purpose. This works out really fine and as I also use this room for reading or grooming the dogs, it is not like a "prison" for them, but like a regular room…


  • Shango doesn't go in a crate either. He behaves perfectly fine when I leave him out. He has his toys, he has access to his water and I usually just find him asleep on my bed when I come home.

    I know, it's improper training, but his previous owner abused him with a crate so he doesn't go in. We've bonded quite strongly though, and he's a good boy for me.

  • I don't crate my dog either.
    We just deal with "issues" when they crop up.
    Mostly, the 2 b's sleep…
    BUT hubby gives them a long walk in the am before we leave for work.

  • I only use the crate at home for training when they're puppies. Once they're potty trained I leave them out for short periods of time while I leave and once I know they can be trusted..I don't use them anymore. The house just isn't big enough. I rarely have any problems and when I do it's mostly my vizsla counter surfing…while Apache and Chey cheer him on I'm sure. I do have one up now that Apache eats in but the door is always open and that's the only time it's used.

  • No crating here, either. We tried, but She-Ra wasn't having it.

    As long as we don't do anything stupid (leave a game controller or a remote or book out) we usually come back to no problems. There's always the occasional flareup, but mostly she curls up in her "nest" at the top of our couch where she sleeps.

  • @Rivermoon:

    I only use the crate at home for training when they're puppies. Once they're potty trained I leave them out for short periods of time while I leave and once I know they can be trusted..I don't use them anymore. I rarely have any problems and when I do it's mostly my vizsla counter surfing….

    Ditto here (partial quote). Great post!!

    BTW, my sister has 2 Vizsla and she claims they're just big Basenjis behavior wise. She's across the country but we have hiked, rock hopped, and camped together with the dogs, and they seem to be VERY similar.

    Her 14 year old V refuses to go out to pee if it's raining or if there is a heavy dew on the grass. Licks to clean pads, feet, legs, and body in an obsessive manner if wet (humans and dog pals alike, not even necessarily a family pack member). Will run the V500 without provocation. Stands on hind legs and will "kangroo box" while playing. Sometimes, when pique is aroused, will even reach out and b##ch slap you, or another dog, up side the head for some perceived injustice that the rest of us have no clue about.:D

    Do your V's do this also??

  • Shadow is now 5 and hasn't been crated since he was about a year old. He has had no destruction issues. Sugar is 3 and has not been crated since she was very young. She has always had crate issues. I'll leave a pee pad down and if she really, REALLY needs to go she will go on that, but that is few and far between. And is usually caused by her anal glands bothering her-I give her cornmeal and carrots and she's fine in a few days. No destruction from her either. I will not leave Damisi out, (she's a different line) because destruction is her middle name!

  • UPDATE!!! havent been here in a week! everymorning i tell kiro "go in your crate crate" and she does, i give her a treat and barley close the gate…. when we leave shes COMING OUT and weve come home to a GIRL GIRL everyday for at least 10 work days now!!!!! she sbeing a good girl all day in 80% of the house! im so proud of her!!!! Its so nice to come home and see her i the window instead of the guilt i felt letting her out of the crate!!!

  • Sahara has not been in her crate since we got the underground fencing, she is Ok left in the den, kitchen where her bed is and water is left. My husband works night shift and I get home at 5:00 so it is pretty convienent. I took her out of the crate at about 6 mos. when we got the doggie door put in the kitchen. There were a few chewed up things in the beginning, but not anymore as a general rule. If she gets anything it is from surfing the kitchen counters, or my table top furniture. Just today she got my son's expensive sunglasses and ran out the doggie door b/c we were chasing her to get them. He was furious, but I said, "You left them were she could get them, it's not her fault". "You know she chews plastic, so don't you dare hit her or anything", he was so very mad. Sure, I get mad when she gets my prescription glasses, but IT IS NOT HER FAULT, I left them available to the keen eyes of a chew crazy basenji.

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