Wow. Incredible Story!

So as many of you know, I am quite the dog lover. I have signed up to do a doggie 4K with the kids next month to help raise money for homeless dogs. I have been getting donations through friends and family and other fellow dog lovers. One avenue that has been surprisingly generous has been Dogster. My fundraiser info is on our pages and I've sent out a couple of threads to see if anyone was interested in helping out. At first there were a lot of responses - which to be honest, totally surprised me! And many of you all are part of those pleasant surprises!! (Thank you!) Of course with the passing of time, interest died down and I've only had a few more donations come trickling in…

And a couple of weeks ago a dogster user p-mailed me and said she wanted to help out but would rather send a check directly to my house. I'm not one to just send out my address to just anyone- so I was a little nervous, but I checked out her dogster pages and she seemed alright. I have to be honest, I thought it could have been someone creepy or even if it was someone nice, you can't just go accepting random treats- it'd be like feeding your kids unwrapped Halloween candy...

Anyways, today something incredible happened. Oh my gosh. The dogs started to go nuts- as they always do when the UPS truck stops by our place. Then I heard the knock at the door and remembered Smoke & Tess's (dogster pals) package was arriving today...

I opened the door and found a larger box than what I was expecting. I put it down and of course the kids had to give it the one over. Sniff sniff sniff... !!

I carefully opened the box and immediately saw the Hide A Squirrel!! OMD, Lexi & Miles LOVE those things!! Then Miles immediately stuck his head in the box and pulled out a gigantic Big Bird toy. Squeaky squeaky squeaky- and off he went!! I pulled out the packing paper and it revealed even more of the generosity.... multiple Merrick strips, a mint flavored chew ball, chick'n'sweet potatoe snacks... Wow, what a nice surprise. It reminds me that the world is still good and there are honest and kind people still out there. I was almost moved to tears when I opened the card that was included. It had a hundred dollars in it!!!!!!!!! :eek:

I can't help but wonder, why me, a complete stranger? Regardless, it has made quite an impression. It was a really, really amazing day. And I just wanted to share it with people who would truly understand.

Thank you to everyone for the smiles and joy that you have brought.

I hope I can pay it forward one day too.
Many thanks!!

Here's a pic of the kids with their goodies… What an awesome thing to do!
(PS-It took EVERYTHING they had to concentrate on being photographed and not tearing into their new toys and treats!)

That is a wonderful story. Enjoy the treats kids and Bdawg1005, continue the great work

Awesome story, and great pic!

Wow, your B's are so beautiful. I always loved the one's that have white on their faces.

That's a beautiful story..thanks for sharing 🙂 And what's more amazing is that they stood so still for the beautiful pic :eek:

Basenji Mix

BDawg - Thanks for this inspiring story. So happy your cause is growing. I donate on "Blue Jean Fridays" every week at work. Today's charity was for the Dearborn Animal Shelter. Paws were posted throughout the building. They do a great job for various charities. I donate every week, I am passionate for every cause and volunteer, especially for "paws". Keep up the good work.

You are a very lucky person! Why you? Because you care. Congrats!

That's wonderful, enjoy the treats!!!:D

How cool is that, what a wonderful thing!!!

What a wonderful story…your Bs are the way, what is "Hide a Squirrel"? Thanks for sharing...

Hide-A-Toys are soft shell toys that have little squeaker toys inside them. Ours are hide-a-squirrels and they're inside a tree trunk. But there are also hide-a-bee inside a hive and hide-a-bird inside a bird house. 🙂 Squirrel bird bees

How fantastic! It still proves that good things happen to good people!

That is so awesome that someone did this, makes you feel good to know that their are so many good people still out there


Hide-A-Toys are soft shell toys that have little squeaker toys inside them. Ours are hide-a-squirrels and they're inside a tree trunk. But there are also hide-a-bee inside a hive and hide-a-bird inside a bird house. 🙂 Squirrel bird bees

Yes, and we have the Cube shaped Hide-a-Toy with the squeeky balls inside. Bella loves them!!!:D

🙂 Hey bella basenji are you the same one that is on my myspace friends list???

OMD!!! Someone donated $250 today!! I have no idea who it is, but their dog's name is Shakota… anyone from this forum?!?!?! We have raised a total of $1570!! Our goal was $2000 and the walk is this Saturday if anyone is interested in participating! We'd love to meet up!

BDAWG– this is an awesome story. It totally restores one's faith in mankind!! And to hdterry - the hide a squirrels can be found here in knoxville at the agri feed on middlebrook pike. I now buy hollies food there and have seen the hide a squirrel!

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