Omg - wow!

okay, i do some art stuff sometimes and i get lots of inspiration from all sorts of things, but sometimes i see something i sooooooo wish i'd done. not often b/c i usually think about how i'd change this or that, or used different colors, etc especially with dog stuff because i spend so much time around dogs. . . But every once in a while i see something that i think could NOT be improved up on.

THIS is that sort of thing:

EVERYTHING is spot on - the expression, the whimsy, even the name of the art work.
just LOVELOVELOVE this. Clearly the artist is well acquainted with basenjis.
WOW, just WOW
I wish this were hanging on a wall in my house so i could look at it every day - many times a day.

It's beautiful! I would possibly like it even better if Butu didn't eat my jeans, jackets and anything denim or cotton…

Very nice, though I can think of something I would change agilebasenji only just because I have learnt so much about how basenji are unique is the paw prints and only because I love how different basenji are.

Jolanda and Kaiser

Oh gees, will you look at the tail? And the paw prints on the wall! LOL!

The end of the tail bothers me, and the 2 cat heads on top just add clutter. It is a very happy artwork for sure, just doesn't inspire me to want to own it.

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