OMG, I've Lost My Mind!

I found these fantastic little collars that have as much personality as my Basenji. They are pricey, but my dog is sooooooo worth it!! We're looking to add a little boy to our lives and so far all the rescues I've put in for have gone to closer, local applicants. So I bought a little collar for our "future" dog because I know when the time is right, it will work out and the doggie of our dreams will come into our lives. (My husband is gonna kill me! The collars were $34 each!) But look how cute!! You can get yours at:

I got my little girl the pink one. And our future boy the same one in blue. 🙂

I love the paisley!

You might like Mrs. Bones collars too. I get Zahra's at Mrs. Bones in Virginia Beach, they are a little pricey too but worth it because Chase can not chew them off of her.

For future reference: I know these collars aren't exactly the same, but they do have some adorable designs….for about 1/2 that price!

I really like the collars from All Hounds Apparel and they come with lifetime free replacement even if chewed. I have had to one replaced because Rio chewed it and they were very prompt in getting me a new one when I sent in the pieces of the collar.

What's a martingale collar? Is it supposed to be harder to get out of?

What's a martingale collar? Is it supposed to be harder to get out of?

This is my BIGGEST fear with some of these fancier types. I use either a harness or gentle leader to make sure they don't get loose.

C3 is having a hard time with his collars the nylon leads are making him loose his hair. Any thoughts??


I LOVE that pink collar with the white polka dots when you go to the website. How cute! Zahra is going to end up having more collars then I have clothes with all of these cool website that we are all sharing!

Thanks for sharing,

i personally LOVE the leather collars!! Jack looks SO classy in his

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