I've discovered the reason that Basenjis like to unstuff furniture!!!

I'm sure every Basenji owner will see this, cringe, and then laugh.

They will go to extreme measures for a warm spot to sleep. 😃

You know you are a basenji owner when you look at this giggle a little and think how adorable the dog is…

You always have to wonder, what are they thinking? …and that they are always pleased as punch at "what a good job" they did!!

Just a very sensible Basenji!!!

I'm so glad that isn't one of my kidz. but it did make me giggle.

I have dog beds and blankets all over the living room. I want the dogs to "root" in those, and keep the couch for us humans. I do find b's need something to "scratch" on before they lay down. Lot's of throws help this.

First Basenji's

Well we all know how intelligent they are (and comfort king and queens!). So to take a solid from a space and know a void must be filled for balance in nature…..very smart indeed! AND TOOOOO CUTE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

haha, very funny.. don't be surprised if he swallowed all that missing couch!!!!

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