Basenjis are so cat like!!!!!!

  • I recently noticed Kiro leaping into window sills and balancing herself….
    even in the smallest windows she was just dying to get in....

    I found this in my basement.... My uncle used it for his cat, i put it up (praying shes not heavier than the cat hense the box underneath incase it falls) and she in it all day long! so funny!!! she even falls asleep in it!

    I really think, that she thinks, that shes a cat!!!!!!!!!!!!😕 If you B is a window lover and below 25lbs you may want to consider one of thease 🙂

    my little kitty cat!

  • i agree. ours is always perched on the edge of the couch and what not. crazy! kirgurl yours is cute! i'm still waiting to get pics from ours!

  • Kiro Gurl, That's a great pic. I have a bay window on which my 2 are constantly watching the goings on in the neighborhood. Someone in the house will say, "where's the dogs?" and the inevitable reply is "they're on Neighborhood Watch duty."

    Needless to say we are alerted to every unwanted intruder…..marauding cats, wilily squirrels, and those despicably lawless off leash dogs (with the occasional 'bad to the bone' large wild bird thrown in for good measure;) ) sigh, I feel sooooo safe.

    I thank Darwin every day that they don't have opposable thumbs 'cuz they'd be unlocking and opening the door for anyone they deemed as a suitable playmate, tummy scratcher, or cuddler:D !

    Now that you have a 'window watcher' too, I suggest you invest in windex. There's nothing better to get those dog snot streaks off the windows!!

    (BTW...welcome to the forums toddsgirl)

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