• Yesterday while at Petsmart, I found the talking ball which despenses treats. It was $19.95 and the best toy I have found yet. It kept our little pup entertained for hours. Even after the treats ran out. You can also record your voice so everytime they move the ball a sound is made. That became annoying after about 2 minutes. You can turn that off though and let them just play with the ball.

  • my parents' B-girl rolls that thing around the room like a seal. The b-boy doesn't have quite the finesse that she does, and instead tries to "paw" it out, and bites the door where you fill it.

  • lol… I should post pics of my decrepid "talk to me treat ball". it's a GREAT toy until you're super smart B figures out how to wreck it....

    that ring on the hole... that's actually the first to go. that thing pops off FAST, within 10 min my dog broke that piece.

    then he figured out how to get the recorder out of it.... and chew that to bits, and then when you try to record anything, it just sounds like a very creepy noise because the recorder is now half busted.

    then the hole where the recorder fits in is so chewed, the half broken recorder won't even fit the hole anymore. it's like jamming a square peg into a round hole now.

    and the slot that you use to twist the recorder out... forget it, that's all chewed up too.

    I'm actually on Talk to me Treat Ball #2.

  • Oah My Gosh jessi76! I can't believe your B destroyed it. Kind of funny though how the voice box became all creepy. After about 2 minutes of listening to the same thing over and over again, I can see why your B would want to destry it 🙂
    I ended up turning it off. Hehehehe

  • I got one of these for Duke several months ago. It's a riot watching him go with it and he gets all verbal and growley. I can only let him play with it when I can supervise him. He has managed to get the recorder out. That's when I put it away for awhile. I think the battery needs replacing. My voice sounds so disturbing anymore. It used to sound happy & upbeat.

  • @jessi76:

    … it just sounds like a very creepy noise because the recorder is now half busted...

    I know what you mean! Magnum has one of these, too, and manages to get the recorder out for a some quality, one-on-one chewing time frequently. My voice now sounds like [what I think sounds like] the devil: "Goooooooooooooood booooooooyyyy Maaaagnuuuum. Whaaaat a preeeeeety booooy yooooooooou arrrrrrrre heeeeh heeeeeh heeeeeh…" Just sounds evil!

  • ROFLMAO!!!! that's exactly what it's like!

    I even went as far as to record one of my cat's meow on it… sounds more like a zombie than a kitty now.

  • Has anyone bought one of the Triple Crown Everlasting Treat Balls? It was recommended to me and I am thinking of purchasing one. Hollie has a black kong and LOVES to have it filled with peanut butter and her dog food. If the treat ball is as durable as I've been told, then I'm definately getting one.

  • @jenwilson:

    Has anyone bought one of the Triple Crown Everlasting Treat Balls?

    Although I was hoping it was gonna be greatest thing since sliced bread, for Magnum, it wasn't. He gnawed on it for a few minutes and lost interest. It's around here someplace, with the original treat still in it. 😞

    He loves his kongs, though! 🙂

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