Found Basil's sister!

So I wanted to find my breeder's contact information again since my phone wiped itself and I lost it so I went searching on Kijiji where I found the breeder. I couldn't find the original post but when I searched "basenji" a post came up asking for information on a puppy they just adopted, a black basenji from the humane society that was given up.. the pup even had roughly the same age as Basil (of course they don't know the exact date). Then I saw the picture… I swear it looked EXACTLY like Basil. She said she was all black with white on his chest and back legs... just like Basil. So I emailed her and said that I was pretty sure that this pup was Basil's sister. I included a picture of Basil and told her that I got the pup from a breeder in St. Malo. She replied saying they looked identical 🙂 then asked me some questions about how he's doing with house training (hers still isn't there yet) and I asked about her biting... she said she does the spray bottle and it's helping. It's so cool that I found his sister though 🙂 I'm sad that she was given up, the lady said she was given up by a couple that gave her up because they weren't sleeping... uh DUH you just bought a puppy... what did you think it was going to be? sweet dreams and kisses from the start? People really frustrate me. Anyway, I thought it was cool!

Very cool, hopefully you can get together!

What a great story! I hope you can keep the connection… have a playdate if you are nearby? 🙂

What a coincidence - are you going to invite her on to the Forum?

I was actually thinking about doing that as she had some questions about the breed.

We would love it if she would join.


How much fun..make sure you take lots of pics if you get together..:)

How cool that you found Basil's sister. I hope you can get them together.

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