• Hi all who remember me and Butu. He's 20 months old now, and is becoming very come on if you think you're hard enough with intact male dogs. For the first time today, he tried to mount a female Border Terrier at a show to create a Borenji or a Baster (which he would undoubtedly have been called!) So, tomorrow, it's down the vet to have the bits off ASAP. Now, in my head, I completely know this is The Right Thing To Do. In 99.9% of my heart, I know it too…but, my boy is going Under The Knife 😞 Any soothing messages would be much appreciated.....

  • I had my little guy fixed at 10 months. His drive was more than I wanted to deal with. He did just fine. Didn't lick at his wound too much. Didn't even need a cone. You guys will be fine, good luck!

  • I am sure he will do fine

  • Thanks, both. He's booked in for Wednesday morning. I'm sure he'll be fine, especially when I am able to let him off the lead without checking dogs' undercarriages in a 5-mile radius. But it's My Boy. It's An Operation. You understand…

  • Hunter still checks undercarriages and rears. I think it's a 'get to know you' maneuver. And he still masterbates. I did not know a dog would do that. Tell me mine isn't the only one. But, he doesn't get erect to the extent that he used to. It was quite alarming. Now it's just a thing that I've accepted. He only does it at home. And not all that often. Bottom line, he still has a sex drive, but not like before. Which is a relief.

  • However, you need to know that with neutering, the hormones to not stop overnight… and still many males will hump... as it is not only sex that they are thinking of.. but Dominance... it will not cure Dominance problems.

  • Thank you, Tanza - yes, I do know this. Butu has been humping my teddy bear slippers since he was a very tiny boy, but not normally any sort of dog (apart from a male Basset called Henry that started it…) until Sunday, when he tried with the Border Terrier girl. Butu doesn't have any Dominance issues - it is definitely only intact males. There were a lot around on Sunday. We enter in Companion Dog Shows, and this was one, but there were loads of Show Dogs around, all intact, obviously. And I am aware that the hormones will still be raging for a while - any one like to give me an estimate how long? I am presuming at least a month?

  • I suggest taking home made baked goods with Butu to the vet's. Because, bribes are often appreciated and it'll give you something to do and you'll feel productive.

  • Good idea, agilebasenji, but I don't think I'll have time tomorrow. However, there is a very nice bakery on the way to the vets, so may well pop in to get them a 'Please Look After My Boy' gift!

  • yes I often do baked goods when my kidz have surgery. I say "Here's my dog and here's a bribe!" I did Millionaires Shortbread a while back and warned them not to overdose/sugar high before my dog's surgery. 😉 They are always appreciative.

  • I was worried as well, I wanted to wait until Oakley was two but at 11 months I just couldn't take the drive and hormones and persistence. He did very well, they called early begging me to rush there to pooch him up because he wa balling and screaming for me. I got him home, he plopped in his bed and cried a little, but he fell asleep with me next to him for comfort. As stated with others, know that the hormones take a month or do to dwindle and in Oakleys case ( and others I know) there can be a surge before the dwindle. Oakley is so much better off and there's peace in our home…I felt bad at first that I couldn't hold off longer but now I'm confident I made the right decision

  • Oh, and more specifically to your question, I noticed after a month there was a difference but truthfully it was about two and a half moths before it was a calmer routine for sure and not "hmm…is today the day?"

  • Most humping is stress relief and not dominance nor sex related. Also being neutered will not stop them from trying to mount an in season bitch.

  • The bitch was not in season. I'm sorry, are some people trying to say that it's not a good idea having him neutered? People keep saying it won't cure this or that, that I'm not actually expecting it to cure. After 18+ months of being very friendly to all dogs, Butu has recently started getting snarky with intact males. He has also recently (i.e. Sunday) attempted to mount a female dog for the first time.
    I am not expecting it to cure dominance or the common cold. Chealsie508, thank you - I certainly wasn't expecting it to be under a month, and I didn't realise there might be a surge, so that is very useful. Seriously, is anybody advocating I don't get Butu done? He's a Trindle (not recognised by UKKC, even though he is stunning) and a Fanconi carrier to boot, and is 20 months old now.

  • I can't see any reason not to get him done. The behaviour issues may or may not go away. He is about the age when boys begin to feel their maturity, and sometimes act on it (neutered or not!) 🙂

  • Thanks, eeeefarm! I was beginning to wonder. I am not expecting miracles, just thinking that his behaviour meant it was about time, and hoping for a bit of a virtual hug, given that I am quite nervous. Thanks for all of you who provided them 😉

  • I wouldn't be too concerned. It's a pretty simple procedure with a male. Little bit more complicated with a bitch, but not usually any problem. I have had a couple of boys done, and there really wasn't any drama at all. Only a slight amount of swelling that went away in a few days.

  • @eeeefarm:

    I wouldn't be too concerned. It's a pretty simple procedure with a male. Little bit more complicated with a bitch, but not usually any problem. I have had a couple of boys done, and there really wasn't any drama at all. Only a slight amount of swelling that went away in a few days.

    Thanks again, but Butu is such a little Diva, I can't imagine him resisting the chance to make a Drama that would make Shakespeare look like Janet & John 😃

  • There is no reason not to neuter him but don't expect neutering to cure the behaviors. It may help but it may not. I know many people who have been sorely disappointed when the humping and same sex snarkiness continue after neutering because they thought that it would change the behavior. Often times there is some training needed to change the behavior and neutering may make working with the dog easier but it won't substitute for training.

  • Thanks all those who helped with a reassuring word. He is home now, not Very Happy with me, but looking well and tucking into a light tea. Hopefully he is dopey enough to get a good night's sleep.

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