• I would be interested in hearing what type of toys have lasted in your house.

    We swear by Nylabones and Kong but I recently tried this tire rubber material toy and was disappointed.

    Zahra loves stuffed animals too but they do not last long in this house.

    Anyone else have some favorites?

  • Some of my fav's that have lasted: Sergeant’s Buddy Glow Ball, Busy Buddy Squirrel Dude, the Talk to Me Treat Ball, and the big black kong.

    as for stuffed ones… I will buy stuffies on clearance ($1-$3) and let my dog destroy them ... no huge loss. But if I get a NICE one ($10+), it's "my" toy. My dog gets to play with it WITH me, and is not allowed to rip it to shreds. I find he respects the toy more if it's "mommy's toy". this way the toys lasts, and being given permission to play with it is one of the BEST rewards he can get.

  • Green bunny is the survivor at our house. Abbey has tons of animals that we rotate but bunny is her number one favorite. She also likes her squirrel ball with a battery. You push the button and he goes all over the house by himself. She's figured out how to corner him against the wall to turn him on! He had a big bushy tail for about 5 minutes. I like to get the really tough animals at Petsmart that are practically indestructible. Abbey doesn't like anything made of rubber. If it talks to her, sings, or plays music she's all over it!

  • I know this thread was from a while back, but I really like the 'tuffie" toys.
    Not totally shred proof but well made and the "tuff"est soft toy I have found at shops. They are very cool.

  • The only toy goober hasn't detroyed or rejected is the first toy he ever had. one of those ropes with the two big knots and all the tassles.

  • We just bought the tricky treat ball and she has not stopped playing with it for over 20 minutes, this thing is great. We had a buster ball before but it was made of hard plastic and was really loud.
    She loved orka toys when she was a puppy, but chews them up way too quickly now.
    She also loves Nylabones, especially the great big one that looks like a femur.

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