• Here's mine. It is a dog fishing pole, sometimes called a flirt pole.

    We've had a mess of rain in June so those long long walks have been scattered.

    Leo will fetch, but only a few times before he gets bored.

    He loves this. It can be used as a lure course without the defined course. He's always trying to figure out where it will go next. He's pretty good about not using it as a dominance challenge, but after running around the room a bunch and jumping up, jumping down, jumping up, jumping down… a whole lot he gets tired and just grabs it to sort of say 'I'm done'.

    Lots of exercise, problem solving, more interactive than fetch. That makes it our favorite toy.

  • Houston

    Cool toy, I had something similar for my cats years ago, with a "bird" attached, so they could hunt..they loved it. I might see if I could find something like that. Otis' favorite toys is what we call "stuffed animal shopping". He goes in to my 9 year olds room, sits his bouty down in front of her huge bookself of stuffed animals and shops, i.e he is looking up and down at which one looks delish today..once he sees it, he gets up, looking around making sure nobody sees him, runs over to the bookself, grabs the lucky animal victim and takes off, usually through the house up under the desk in the office, which is on the other side of the house so he can't be chased, since we don't fit under there..He can do this day in and day out…and he has his own stuffed animals, but Sofia's taste better..it is so funny. He looks like he is at the candy store trying so hard to decide which candy to buy for his few nickels..

  • First Basenji's

    That toy is awesome!
    Cody doesn't really like toys all that much. He has a few rope toys that I try to get him to play with, but he just looks at me like I'm insane when I try. He did have a stuffed animal that would squeak, but since he has gotten the sqeaky part out, he ignores it. We bought him a new sqeaky toy (a squirrel!) but he just doesn't like it. He has an old bed pillow that he found in my closet that he loves. He pulls the fluff out of it and tosses and shakes the pillow. He will drag it from one room to another leaving a trail of fluff behind him.

  • Basenjimamma and crystalncody….

    Those are two classic basenji toys.:D Ill gotten gains are always the best :eek: Especially when they create a mess or cause us to chase after them. LOL

  • I use a regular fishing pole and hookless fishing lure for mine to chase in the yard (in training for races).
    In terms of regular dog toys, Gossy has these two big fat stuffed toys that she absolutely loves - they don't flop or squeak - she'll even bring one or the other to me to get me to toss them. If I bury them in the bottom of the toy box she'll toss all her other toys around until she gets to them - she'll even climb in to get them.

  • Houston

    I actually googled "flirt pole" yesteday and found a site that had instructions on how to make one of those fishing pole type devices. We made one and it took all of 10 minutes to put together, we had all the stuff in the garage already though..

  • @Basenjimamma:

    I actually googled "flirt pole" yesteday and found a site that had instructions on how to make one of those fishing pole type devices. We made one and it took all of 10 minutes to put together, we had all the stuff in the garage already though..

    We have a fishing pole with a plastic grocery bag tied to a swivel on it. Jason has been playing with that in the yard with Roo for quite some time. I don't think it is his favorite toy…I don't think he has a favorite, but I do think it helped him get ready for lure coursing! It's fun to play with too, although I am not as good as Jason at operating the 'lure.'


  • Houston

    I tried to use it yesterday but I think it was too hot outside, upper 90's and humid galore. The dogs just looked bothered by the thought of chasing anything..I will try today, way later in the evening and see if there is an interest in it. I guess I could've used one of our fishing rods, but this was easy enough to make..

  • All we need is some clever way of linking this thread, to the one on 'why do they love plastic so much?' - and I reckon we shall be keeping everyone happy!

    I sense the real test of 'love' will be the first time one of my colured vinyl records is smaller than the proper 7" that it should be!

    I really must put my copy of 'Hound Dog' away in a safe place!!!!


  • HA HA Dwaf. Very Funny. But True!!!!! Mine just love DVD & CD cases. I've gone through to have my shower and come back into a floor of jaggy multi-coloured plastic! Douglas doesn't like me hoovering it up as he says it knackers the Dyson so we have to pick it all up instead! :mad: Maybe that's why I don't take pics of my dogs in my house!! LOL! 😃

    BTW Benji's favourite toy is Pookie a teddy bear we bought for him from IKEA. I'll take a piccy later and post. IKEA kids toys are great for dogs as they have no beady filliny, no plastic eyes etc. All my pups go to their new homes with Pookies or similar. Going to IKEA on Thursday so may stock up on a few then. 🙂

  • platic bottles are very popular in this household, as well as plushe animals and buckets LOL and I think my ibizan hounds think my basenjis make great toys as well hahahaha

  • Victoria,
    Something tells me you have a thing for all things Swedish?

    IKEA toys and ABBA referencing names?? Am I right?

    So I gues when 'Benji' sinks his pearly whites into your 'Greatest Hits' CD, he'll be able to think (Translated from Basenji-think):-
    "_Thank you for the music….........and giving it to me!"


  • HAHA Dwaf! It's just coincidence about all the Swedish stuff. Although, I do have a Swedish cousin and YES I do love Abba. I have a list of poss names for future litters!:D
    I think the Bs in Sweden are lovely and one day when I get a Pet Passport sorted out I'll be going that way. So watch out Sweden!! LOL! 🙂

  • Thanks for sharing folks.

    Yeah, the plastic thread and this one are kinda related, aren't they.

    Basenjimama. Did it ever cool off?

    I'll try the IKEA toys, but it is funny how different dogs like different toys. Our first two would parade around with a new fluffy toy for a week or so like they were their new best buddy. Then it was shred time. If there was a squeaker after only a few days they would work like bandits to get the squeaker out and then kill it. Nasty old squeaker!:eek:

    Leo doesn't seem that interested in fluffy toys. We've had a stuffed penguin and "hot dog" in the family room for a month now. He mostly could care less. Yesterday we were up in the guest room and of course he was on the bed pushing the pillows around. He's not normally allowed in that room. He froze… He had spotted a teddy bear sitting next to the bed. He stared. I touched the bear to move it. He jumped and stared. Repeat a few times with two humans chuckling in the background. I put the bear on the bed, he cautiously checked it out. Decided 'it's not alive' and went back to pushing the pillows around.:rolleyes:

  • Houston

    Nope, we still have it in the upper 90's heat index well over 105 so it is HOT. I just went to Ikea and their toys do look very good for dogs, but I didn't get any, my dogs have plenty of toys. Price is definitely right though..
    My son hasa TJ Bearytales bear, that tells stories and is animated…when Otis say that for the first time I thought he was going to come unglued..he freaked out, not only does it move, but the mouth ann eyes move too. He is very fascinated by it..

  • Our favorite is just a simple stuffed duck. She is on her 3rd. And on those rainy weeks I drag the couch between 2 rooms then throw the duck over the couch to the other rooms so she has to jump it to get her toy we do this with tosses up the steps occationally until she is tired lol works great.

  • So far Shaye's favorites are the "no stuffing" animals with squeaky toys at each end - she has a squirrel and a beaver - she runs around squeaking them - strange thing, when her puppy teeth were out and she was getting her big teeth, for a while she had trouble making them squeak and she would toss them in the air and drag them around running full-out, then jump on them and try to get them to squeak again. She also has a set of hard plastic keys on a ring that she enjoys tossing and chasing (and getting us to toss for her of course. Her favorite game - reverse fetch.

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