• I was wondering, I know almost all of our kids love shredding things to pieces. I was wondering if anybody knew of any toys that would keep them entertained for longer than an hour?

    I like buying them for her because she has so much fun doing it but it seems like a waste of money. The normal stuffed toys take her about any where from 15 minutes to an hour (depending on the durability) to find a seem and then the stuffing. I did find a rope ball that was basically just a knot in the middle with fringe all around that has taken her (as a total) about 2 hours. She worked on that one for about 15 min. at a time and on day two had it completely torn apart.

    Anyone know of any?

  • Ever get her an Extreme Kong? You fill it with peanut butter and they play with it and lick it for a loooong time. I like using those for my babies.

  • a few of my fav's that have lasted:

    Sergeant's Buddy's Glow Ball (doesn't do anything, no squeek, just glows in the dark)

    Premier's Busy buddy toys: http://www.busybuddytoys.com/
    the Squirrel dude is like a KONG (my dog has destroyed 2 black kongs, not the squirrel dude!)

    Planet Dog toys: http://www.planetdog.com/

    • you can return these ones! they have great customer service, and a form online for returns/exchanges.

    the Cuz ball is ok, but never lasts longer than a month in my house. my dog chews the feet off. and the squeek is enough to drive you to the madhouse.

    another thing I do - with stuffed toys - open up a seam, take out stuffing, replace with old clean t-shirt - resew it. this way, when ripped open, it's just an old shirt inside, not a bunch of stuffing.

  • I swear by Kongs and durable Nylabone's

    For some reason Chase and Zahra fight over the chocolate flavored Nylabone. They have chewed that down to almost nothing!

    I didn't know that you could return the Planet Dog stuff, that is a real seller to me, that is why I like the Lupine collars. I am going to their website to check their stuff out.

  • My Arti likes this :

    I tried this with my B's & they looked at it not knowing what to do. I put treats in it & they sniffed away but again couldn't get the treats out. Then I couldn't get the treats out??!! What's the deal with this toy?? 🙂

  • I put in grooves the small pieces of delicacies . Arti can it take out easily:) I do not know how to explain this😕

  • JYS1011,

    Try putting Peanutbutter in the grooves to get them interested.


  • Could you believe that my dogs do NOT like peanut butter :EEK: it's blasphemy I tell you!! LOL

    I can't figure out what they like?

  • lol, that is blasphemy!!! some human foods that my dog really enjoys in his KONG are plain fat-free yogurt, lite plain cream cheese, mozzarella cheese, tuna, canned salmon, chicken pieces, turkey hot-dog pieces, liver biscotti (I buy it pre-made).

    just suggesting some alternatives to try instead of PB.

  • @jessi76:

    lol, that is blasphemy!!! some human foods that my dog really enjoys in his KONG are plain fat-free yogurt, lite plain cream cheese, mozzarella cheese, tuna, canned salmon, chicken pieces, turkey hot-dog pieces, liver biscotti (I buy it pre-made).

    just suggesting some alternatives to try instead of PB.

    If you give your Basenji peanut butter or yogurt, won't it upset their stomach?

  • My two don't have problems with yogurt at all. In fact, I use it to coax them to eat kibble when they're "not in the mood". I mix it in so that every piece of kibble is just barely coated.

    (No, no no no, they're not spoiled!!)

  • I use yogurt alot too - in the kibble; in my own dog cookie recipes; mixed w/ PB into a mousse - to freeze inside the kong; mixed w/ fruit - for a frozen fruity treat, etc… my boy LOVES yogurt.

  • Hummmmm … the only thing My Kiaya & Bruno like is in the CAT section @ the pet store, http://www.petco.com/Shop/petco_Product_R_164_PC_productlist_Nav_410_N_23+10611+10637_sku_756776_familyID_100781.aspx?cm_re=dec1112206--15pholiday--btnleft

    the Kong They both Ignored as far as them chewing things you don't want them too for example MY POOL TABLE their's a spray for that….

    I read people talking about food their Basenji's liked as far as mine:
    The Girl (Kiaya) is extremley pressy she'll have to smell and examine what ever it is you give her
    The Boy (Bruno) Loves Bread and everyting else you feed him.

  • I have put a little bit of peanut butter on the bottom of the Kong, enough to just close the hole then I put chicken stock in it and freeze it for a treat. Chase, our Puggle, loves it, I haven't done it for Zahra yet.

  • These are by the Busy Buddy folks. My girls LOVE them! They are great since you can stuff dry treats in them. Mary loves her football & you show her one of these & she is off to her crate! She chews on them even without a treat in it! 😉 They like them cuse they are easy to hold with their paws, being the football shape! Even my big girls love them! They will fetch them on command! The pups are still learning. We have found the medium size the best, all around size for all our girls. 😉

  • I just wanted to say thank you for introducing me to the kong toy i bought it today for Lucy and she loved it, i put cream cheese in it and she had a nice quiet half hour of fun. Before that i just smeared cream cheese in a plastic cup and gave it to her when leaving the house to keep her busy from doing other " BASENJI" things lol well this works great so thank you for this great tip

  • Rosey's favorite and longest lasting chew toy is the Nylabone. She loves them. She also likes pressed rawhide, but she is able to break off slimy pieces, so I keep those to a bare minimum. Unfortunately, Rosey has no interest at all in kongs or other rubbery toys.

  • Alani will lick the peanut butter out, which lasts about 10 min. and she'll try to get the treats out for about 20 min. before she gives up. The nylabones have teeth marks in them so she must chew on it while I'm at work but I've never seen her do it.

    The rope ball was great and it's still surviving although for people who don't like severe messes, I wouldn't recomend it. She got the ball into a fringy rope after about 2 days and 1 week later she still works on each individual string tied in there. So it's been great for her attention span, bad for the house.

  • I bought a "Tuffies" toy for Nala, but she doesn't really like it - she only gets "into" playing once in a while, my old crotchity girl!…they are quite pricey and have many varieties. They are soft, but have squeakers in them but are supposed to be "indestructible" They show a Tiger or some type of cat playing with one. Here's the link...http://www.edogtoy.com/retail/index.php?osCsid=cvhn6i0g9la59ei63f030i1jb0
    I should send it ot one of you to try!

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