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AHHHH my Basenji's name is Queen Kiya how cute ~

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Hello I'm in Miami, Florida and puppies will be available 01/14/07 I have (2) Girls and (1) boy. I have my own question and Answers quiz as far where the puppy will be staying at and since your in Florida one of the questions is if I can keep in touch and bring the mom and dad around some time. any how please let me know if your intrested.

Take Care,

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Hello Everyone, first of all let me start by I'm truly sorry for not responding back to you sooner ~ I have no computer @ home and the only one I have full access to is the one @ work and work has been hectic lately… any how Yes this is our first litter, both Dam and Sire have all their medical records up to date as far as their vaccinations abd keeping them heart worm free, their both on heartguard and frontline the dam although did get her hips check for hip displasma before we even thought of breeding, The vet said our dam was perfect and should have no problems at the time of birth. as far as the line of basenji's I'm currently looking into that I beleive they are from different lines unless your asking if their related if thats the question the the answer is NO. (the dams face looks more like fox and the sire face is not as pointy)... last but not least the Sire does have show Champion in his immediate line. please write any additional questions.

bottom line, I just want to find good homes for the puppies...

Take care everyone,

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Hello my name is Maylin
I'm currently living in Miami, Florida
you can contact me at: (305) 970-5780 or PM me


Basenji(s) For Sale: Boy & Girl
Age of Basenji(s): 2 Weeks and 5 days old today
Current weight of Basenji(s) for sale: 1-2 lbs
Weight of Basenji(s) parents: Mother's current weight is 22lbs and the Father is 30 lbs
Parents health tests:
Registration if any (AKC, Basenji Clubs, etc): Mother (AKC) Father (ACA)
Price: $1,000.00
Age when puppies will be ready to be taken home: 10 weeks
Date when puppies can be taken home: January 30th 2006
Do you ship your Basenjis: No I do not ship puppies

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Hummmmm … the only thing My Kiaya & Bruno like is in the CAT section @ the pet store,

the Kong They both Ignored as far as them chewing things you don't want them too for example MY POOL TABLE their's a spray for that….

I read people talking about food their Basenji's liked as far as mine:
The Girl (Kiaya) is extremley pressy she'll have to smell and examine what ever it is you give her
The Boy (Bruno) Loves Bread and everyting else you feed him.

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